Steve King Built A Wall Out Of His Black Friends, Diamond And Silk

Lately, none of us has been asking, "What the hell are Diamond and Silk up to these days?" We keep forgetting about those rejected "Good Times" extras, not because we are bad people, rude, or even mean; we forget them in hopes they will go the fuck away if we completely ignore them. It's not working.

Looking like King Candy, and ready to introduce *"The Diamond and Silk Act" to the masses, Iowa's greatest Confederate hero, Steve King -- still a congressman! -- arrived on the wings of the white devil, flanked by two sinister chocolate-skinned sisters of doom. Boldly defiant of, well, no one there was bothering them, so, nothing, they literally stood in front of him and commingled into a Diamond, Silk, and Steve King Cerberus (Hell's guard dog, not the aardvark pope comic book by the man who became a weird alt-righter). They were a three-headed MAGA beast. It was LIT, it was LOUD, it was LAME, but boy oh boy did he have the shit eatingest ass grin on his face when they started wilding out for him.

Let's discuss this bullshit I watched for you, and here is the ENTIRE video:

WATCH: Rep Steve King, Diamond and Silk Introduce the "Diamond and Silk Act"

First of all, Steve King is one punkass muthafucka, second of all, Steve King is one punkass muthafucka.

From Think Progress:

As reporters asked the disgraced congressman how he plans to move legislation when he's been stripped of his committee posts over his promotion of white supremacist views, Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson physically closed ranks in front of King. The Iowa representative spent a significant portion of the press conference ducked behind the social media stars.

By 3 minutes and 35 seconds into the press conference, King gave the mic to the talkative one, Diamond, and promptly hid behind her. She was asking so many questions with super obvious answers that it became obvious this was scripted. Also, the ladies are bad actors. Diamond gave a full jeremiad just so she could have the opportunity to slay Libs with her "killer" rhymes and witticisms. Absolutely nothing she said mattered. Oh, and we're even not sure Silk got a script -- she sounded like she was making it up as she went along, one word at a time, slowly. She had a killer line too, hold on, let us grab it out of the trash bin ... "Instead of catch and support, it's time to catch and deport." Jay-Z better watch out!!

"It shouldn't be about Congressman Steve King," Hardaway said when one reporter asked the congressman to answer a question at a press conference to which that congressman had specifically invited the media. "Then why is he here?" one reporter replied. Richardson said King was "the one that opened the doors to Diamond and Silk" and said he "should be reinstated in his committees."

We like how they acted like Steve King shouldn't even be discussed at his own press conference, before ranting about white straws, plastic straws, cocaine, and sanctuary cities. Oh, also, San Francisco, the capital of Hell and Sin where they wanna ban "white straws" or something. They hollered down reporters talking about King retweeting white supremacists, while King riverdanced his ass back behind his Black Woman Wall, talking about, "I said that was all I had to say." Like a right wing rubbish bin, Diamond had trash talk coming out of her mouth, her eyes, her whatever, then she verbally beat Joe Biden like a dead horse over the 1994 crime bill she just learned about last week.

King had called the press conference to introduce a bill purporting to aid homeless veterans of American wars by redirecting all federal funding from sanctuary cities to unspecified homelessness programming.

When asked if they, then, had informed their views on how to ameliorate the homelessness crisis by consulting social workers, policy experts, or charitable organizations, Hardaway said such organizations are predatory, thieving scams that cannot be trusted.

You. Won't. Get. To. Distribute. The. Money. Diamond. Is she stupid? Diamond legit seems to think she'd get to hand out the money personally. We don't know wtf Silk was talking about; she speaks like an echo of her sister, so when she's talking, I hear Charlie Brown's teacher.

"Organizations don't do nothing but skim from the top and give everybody everything that's left at the bottom," Hardaway said. "I'm tired of you all with your groups, your organizations, and all this here, because all y'all try to do with these organizations is get some funding so you all can skim and get your kickbacks and your paddywhacks."

She practiced that "kickbacks and paddywhacks line a million times, we're sure. So much dumb shit in 20 minutes. King was even asked by a reporter why his website still had his old committee assignments up, and hand to God, his staff changed it DURING THE PRESS CONFERENCE, and he popped up like, "Nah uh! My website is legit, yo." So bizarre that reporters had to ask if they just changed it right now. We can't even with King.

The ladies sure had a lot of complaints. They are mad about everything from calling people racist to sanctuary cities, but their real venom is saved for someone very special: Maxine Waters, who apparently reclaimed her time and refused to meet with these two semi-sentient trash cans about policy matters.

Their chief complaint is that Waters won't take a meeting with them. Waters, however, is a foolish target for ire about homelessness. She is lead author of the detailed Ending Homelessness Act, a $13.27 billion five-year investment in a suite of battle-tested housing, rehabilitation, case management, and workforce training programs that people who work on the front lines on this issue have recommended to her over her near two decades-long legislative career.

Awww! Oh no! She won't meet with you? Awww! Is Maxine mean to you MAGAssholes? You don't like her? My word!

Here is what we have to say about that...

I don't fucking like

*The Diamond and Silk Act, or the "End Sanctuaries and Help Our American Homeless and Veterans Act," is not real legislation or intended to replace actual legislation, it's merely some bullshit these three pulled out of one of King's staffers' asses. They hope this stunt will jumpstart their failing careers, but it won't. These are some of the all time stupidest people on the planet. Take care, and fuck Diamond and Silk, also, fuck Steve King's punkass.

[Think Progress/YouTube]

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