Iowa Republican Steve King has the piercing blue eyes and inerrant moral compass of a White Walker, no one denies this. Yesterday, King appeared on NewsmaxTV (which is a real thing, apparently), where he shared his thoughts nerve impulses from his brainstem about the doin's that's a-transpirin' down in Ferguson, Missouri. King mentioned that it sure sounded like members of the Congressional Black Caucus were calling for lawlessness, but that wasn't even the highest-pitched dog whistle of the interview. Asked about the role of racial profiling in the ongoing Ferguson protests, King released a new, experimental dog whistle that, until yesterday, had only been heard by a select group of engineers at Stormfront.

"This idea of no racial profiling -- I've seen the video, and it looks to me like you don't need to bother with that particular factor because they're all, appear to be, of a single origin, continental origin might be the way to phrase that."

Here, you can listen to King say the stupid thing at the man with the terrifying eyebrows for yourself.

Of course, as Wonkette's dreamboat boyfriend Charlie Pierce reminded us after the killing of another unarmed black male, this is Not About Race because It Is Never About Race. Steve King agrees, concluding his remarks thusly.

"I just reject race-based politics, identity politics. I think we're all God's children."

Does this guy have balls the size of cantaloupes or what? To be fair (we are nothing if not fair), King is not the only member of the American right wing who's scolding the protestors.

Final note: DC Wonketeers should come to tonight's National Moment of Silence at 7pm in Malcolm X Park. Facebook invite here.

[Right Wing Watch]

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