Steve King is back, baby! America's white supremacist sweetheart claimed at an event this week that he might soon have his rank and privileges restored in the House after GOP leadership publicly spanked him last year. King had a bad habit of reminding everyone he's racist scum, and it was embarrassing to Republicans who prefer to pass their racist policies on the down low.

KING: On April 20, Kevin McCarthy and I reached an agreement that he would advocate to the steering committee to put all of my committees back, all of my seniority.

When Congress comes back into session, when the steering committee can [come] together, I have Kevin McCarthy's word that that will be my time for exoneration.

“Exoneration" usually involves a demonstration of innocence. King has always been a walking colostomy bag overflowing with fetid racism. It's undeniable. He also didn't spend the past year studying how not to racist. Last March, he criticized black people in New Orleans for not pulling up their bootstraps after Hurricane Katrina left them with only bootstraps. Sure, he held an absurd press conference with Diamond and Silk but the three just promoted King's own racist immigration policies.

McCarthy confirmed that King will have the chance to plead his case, but it's obvious that the Republicans on the steering committee are just gonna check their Facebook while King blathers on. McCarthy has no intention of seating King on any committees in the current Congress, and his future in the next Congress is pretty bleak. Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming opposes King's reinstatement, and so does Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio.

Republicans can still be terrible — and they are! — and not want King stinking up their caucus. He doesn't just say the quiet parts out loud. He skywrites them above the Capitol. Keeping the Iowa congressman off committees, especially Agriculture, renders him useless to his constituents, and his primary challenger, Randy Feenstra, has hit him hard on this front.

Feenstra's latest ad reminds voters that King “lost his congressional committees, can't do his job, can't protect us." And by “us" Feenstra means Donald Trump. The ad claims King couldn't protect Trump from impeachment, because he was no longer on the Judiciary committee and couldn't join Jim Jordan in shouting nonsense at witnesses. Feenstra is a “principled conservative," so he's just as anti-immigrant as King but not a wackadoodle about it. He'll help Trump build WALL. This ad was released two weeks — not years — ago. Why are we still talking about Trump's WALL. It's never gonna happen. We're all focused on the pandemic that's confined us to our homes.

Republicans Steve Reeder, Bret Richards and Jeremy Taylor also see King's pure-white blood in the water and hope to take him out in the June 2 primary. A recent poll showed King just three points ahead of Feenstra. We'd love to see King bounced next month, but we could also do without Feenstra. The Democratic candidate, J.D. Scholten, is a long shot but we like long shots, especially if they aren't racists or Trump lackeys.

[Sioux City Journal / Politico]

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