Friends Don't Let Friends Get Medical Advice From Jimmy Dore

It should never have to be said that you shouldn't take political or medical advice from mediocre standup comedians. Yet here we are in a world where the Dunning-Krueger effect has gotten much worse by having the dumbest people listening to even dumber people as experts.

But there is nothing worse than having a charlatan purposely lie to his audience. Like Jimmy Dore.

We here at Wonkette, despite what bullshit infographics say, tell the truth even when it conflicts with our personal views and biases. We link back to the original source, give proper citations, and will quote directly from the sources so our readers know the difference between facts and opinions or jokes. Which is why watching this very well done video by Youtube person Shaun about the blatant ways Jimmy Dore has lied about COVID vaccines is so infuriating.

At the 0:43 mark, Shaun points out that previously Dore complained that "the elites" were getting the vaccines but not nurses or poor countries. Dore then criticized Nancy Pelosi because she said that she wanted to "make the vaccines affordable" in February 2020.

It was a valid criticism in the "worst person you know made a good point" way at the time, but you don't need any specific expertise to note that's precisely what the Biden administration did and has continued to do by making it FREE. Dore made many tweets and videos saying COVID vaccines were a good thing and should be free (which yes they should, and they are), but his most recent videos and tweets have gone a full 180 degrees from this. Why? Well it seems obvious from the YouTube view counts that Dore becoming a hardcore propagandist of anti-vaxx bullshit is for the clicks and profits.

Shaun goes on to give Dore the benefit of the doubt: Maybe Dore just changed his mind! He then proceeds to show that Dore is well-aware of what he's doing and saying, and is misleading/misinforming/lying to his audience. At the 3:29 mark, Shaun shows a Jimmy Dore video where he pretends he is reading directly from this article from Fortune. But as pointed out, Dore misleads his audience by outright skipping around the information that contradicts his views to change the meaning of the article to be opposite of what it says.

There is zero excuse for this and it's dishonest as all hell. Dore, who is vaccinated, tries to skirt the line by playing the "I'm not telling you not take it, I'm just asking questions" like a common Tucker Carlson, but it's clear by his dishonest editing that he's just doing so to skirt YouTube censorship while clearly disseminating vaccine lies.

Dore has taken great offense to being called a liar or by people saying he claimed Ivermectin is effective against COVID. So at the 11:50 mark, the video shows Jimmy bitching about them calling him out on advocating Ivermectin before showing numerous clips of Dore doing just that. And it goes on and on and on. Garbage in, garbage out.

This willingness to cash in on spreading bad lies is dangerous not just to the idiots who listen to Dore and Joe Rogan and their ilk, but the people who can be infected by them. People like Aaron Rodgers (who wore a Doc Holliday shirt, perhaps unaware that Holliday died in his 30s of an infectious respiratory disease), who says he sought Joe Rogan's medical advice after getting COVID (and lying about being "immunized"). Same with rightwing propagandist Tim Pool, who also called Joe Rogan for medical advice, and Rogan paid for his treatment (how nice).

This current insistence on cheering the "death of expertise" in favor of outliers and just plain liars has caused dire results in politics, global health, and fake universities.

We are sure we don't need to tell this to our readers, but just in case: STOP THE INSANITY.

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Michael Mora

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