Strange Man On Horse Yells About Impeaching Obama (Video)


From the tipline, here is a gentleman doing a bit of 300 cosplay whilst muttering something about the need to impeach Obama. He is "Leonidas, from the past," and he explains that he did not die, but is old. Not sure the gym shorts are historically accurate. Mostly, we feel sorry for his poor horse. Also, something about the truckers and the veterans marching in DC, so we guess this must date from the October government shutdown. Who made this? How did it end up being posted by someone who accurately labels the guy A Idiot? (False flag!!!!) Does the horse qualify for worker's comp? All unknown.


  • Inexplicable driveway shot at 1:17.
  • Scaring the neighbor's dog at 1:40 and again at 1:53
  • Horse visibly relieved at 2:25
  • Friendly horse head interference at 2:30
  • "Let me put my stifling helmet on once more" at 3:00
  • ...and then the guy's a ghost!!! Best use of home video editing, 2013.

    We're inclined to think this thing is real, but who knows? Speculate wildly below.

    [YouTube via Americans Against the Tea Party]

    Doktor Zoom

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