Student Libertarians Demand Government Give Them Money For Guns. UR DOIN IT RONG.

If it's U of Oregon maybe that should be a duck girl instead of a cat girl...

Libertarians at the University of Oregon are feeling mighty oppressed -- not only does the school ban open or concealed carry of firearms on campus, but the student government wouldn't fund an event the group held to protest the school's policy. To help make their point, the event was a Poker Night in which the top prizes were three guns. So to prove their displeasure at the unfairness of Big Government, the "Young Americans for Liberty" group is suing Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) to get their hands on some of that sweet student government cash. Libertarians demanding a government subsidy is not hypocrisy at all, because as Sally Brown put it so eloquently, "All I want is what's coming to me. All I want is my fair share."

After UO student government refused to pay for the event, Young Americans for Liberty asked the conservative group Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to step in.

“ASUO’s refusal to fund a poker night hosted by UO’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) expressly because it disagrees with the event’s message amounts to constitutionally prohibited viewpoint discrimination,” FIRE said in a statement.

This makes perfect sense. We know from Citizens United that money is speech, and it's a given that guns are speech too, so if you want to hold an event in which you give guns away as prizes, the government should pay for it, because free speech isn't free. Or as FIRE spokesman Ari Cohn explained,

Since ASUO is an agent of a public university, the University of Oregon administration is legally and morally required to intervene to rectify the First Amendment violations perpetrated by ASUO[.]

The university and ASUO contend that ASUO is not obliged to throw money (from student activity fees) at every campus group that has an event:

“ASUO receives many funding requests and is empowered to select which do and which do not receive support,” the university noted.

We were hoping they might also include some preaching about how if the Libertarians want funding so much, they should get off their asses and work for it instead of expecting a handout from Dean Sugar, but this is why we are not working in a university public relations office.

[contextly_sidebar id="gpz1JJOiOMNldWaj9FC7u4jbzC0WFSLy"]We probably should not expect too much logical consistency from Oregon gun fondlers, since this is the state where a county Republican party celebrated the lives of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln by raffling off an AR-15.

The UO campus president of Young Whiners For Liberty, Thomas Tullis, told the Eugene Register-Guard that in the wake of the mass shooting at nearby Umpqua Community College, it's especially vital to change UO's policy on campus carry:

Tullis said his goal is to reverse the UO’s policies that forbid firearms on campus — either openly carried or concealed — because, he said, the policy makes the campus a dangerous place.

“Clearly, campuses are being targeted by mass shooters,” he said.

[contextly_sidebar id="AvtM7v9b36zGWJPnp37QmcW1sj3ww82u"]That's pretty sophisticated logic, given that while UCC does allow concealed carry, armed students on campus during the shooting rampage chose to shelter in place rather than risk being shot to death by arriving SWAT teams.

We're also impressed that Tullis made that beautiful appeal to the safety needs of the community. What kind of collectivist outfit is this libertarian bunch anyway? As rugged individualists, these people shouldn't even be attending a government university; they should be in Galt's Gulch taking target practice and getting rich.

[Register-Guard via RawStory]

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