Study: Boozing Bad For Society, Eat Mushrooms Instead


Pooping AND drinking. Two terrible vices

  • A new study published by Limey scientist-types suggests that alcohol is more dangerous and destructive than heroin! Ha ha, so next time you are drinking alone in your room and mutter "at least I don't inject opiates between my toes or in my eyeballs," an Englishman will parachute through your window and then explain -- using science -- how you are a hopeless wreck. The study ranked each substance for "harms including mental and physical damage, addiction, crime and costs to the economy and communities." So yeah, that's booze, alright! The study also found that Magical Mushrooms are not very destructive/husbands who gobble them up usually do not beat their wives. Ergo, you should eat those poop-shrooms by the bushel. [BBC]
  • Brazil has elected Dilma Rousseff as its first female president. Dilma was a left-wing guerrilla fighter during the 1960s. So she joined the Vietcong, instead of the National Guard? That is even worse than draft dodging! Anyway: Hooray for Brazil! [CNN]

  • Murkowski's sore loser write-in candidacy could very well give McAdams a surprise victory, according to people who speculate about these sorts of things. But other clueless political anal-ists totally disagree. Interesting! [The Caucus]


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