Stupid Constitution Won't Let George Zimmerman Sue NBC For Being Mean To George Zimmerman

Stupid Constitution Won't Let George Zimmerman Sue NBC For Being Mean To George Zimmerman

Poor George Zimmerman just can't seem to catch a break. Despite his best efforts, there are still people who don't see him as a hero. Worse, his fledglingcareer as an artist seems to have stalled out, and while plenty of people might want to punch him right in the nose, he can't do it for money. And now, he can't even look forward to taking the LIEberal Media to the cleaners for unfairly editing his 911 call, because his lawsuit against NBC has been tossed. Poor guy. It's as if the only thing that went well for him was getting away with shooting a black kid to death. As the song asks, is that all there is?

Zimmerman had claimed that NBC's editing of a story on his call to 911 the night he killed Trayvon Martin had made him look like a racist, because it featured him saying that Martin was black, but did not make clear that he was answering a dispatcher's question. Judge Debra Nelson, who also presided over Zimmerman's trial last year, ruled that the network had acted without malice, and that the malice standard applied in this case since Zimmerman had made himself a public figure. She also rejected Zimmerman's claim that NBC defamed him by saying he'd uttered a racial slur during the call to the dispatcher.

If you really want to know who the victim here is, it is the attorneys on Zimmerman's defense team, to whom he owes $2.5 million, and who had hoped that any award would defray some of their costs. Now they will continue to get nothing. Oh, and we suppose that the 17-year old that Zimmerman shot to death because he was a black kid in the wrong place at the wrong time -- a place and time where George Zimmerman was -- might also be considered a victim, somehow.


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