Look At These Dumb 'Jeopardy' Stupidheads Who Can't Even Say Answers Right

Have you ever heard of the popular television game show program, "The Jeopardies"? It is the game for smart people hosted by Alex Trebek,where, for no reason in particular, they give a clue in the form of a statement, and you have to answer with a question. It is different from the other popular game "Spin Or Get Spunned," where you spin a big wheel and if you don't solve the puzzle correctly, Pat Sajak will force you to listen to him yip-yap about his right-wing political beliefs or something, we don't know.

Anyway, the point is that these stupid dumb idiots were all on "The Jeopardies" recently, and they got a very simple question, about which former national security advisor had to plead guilty in 2017 because he is a literal actual foreign agent and he lied to the FBI about stuff. Unfortunately, we guess none of them have ever READ A BOOK, or they don't open the newspaper because they're too busy doing mind-bending brain teasers, because literally nobody knew the obvious answer, which is ALL OF THEM KATIE Michael Flynn.

Look at these knuckleheads:

First one of the women is like "What is Kelly?" because that's right, it's just been all over the news that John Kelly used to be the national security advisor and now he is GO TO JAIL. Then the dude is like "Who is Gorka?" because JESUS GOD, THAT FUCKING NAZI WAS NEVER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, and can we please not give Donald Trump ideas like that on national TV, please?

Seriously, GORKA? The guy who goes on TV and talks in a fake/affected accent about how the "era of the pajama boy is over," IN HIS PANTS? (He didn't actually say the thing about IN HIS PANTS. It's just what we always hear, because Sebastian Gorka is a dork.)

Oh well, guess being good at "The Jeopardies" isn't for everyone. We recommend these contestants understand that first of all, we are just teasing, and that if they want to be REAL smart maybe they should just read Wonkette every single day.

Also, to be entirely fair, Flynn was only NatSec advisor for like 11 minutes, so maybe these folks just missed the news that month.

OH WELL, this was supposed to be the last post of the day but something stupid happened so stand by.

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