Stupidest Man On Internet So Sad For Oppressed Wisconsin High School Racists

Thewebsite has 2 full paragraphs on the 'significance' of this shirt. Neither mentions Rosie The Riveter.

Five students in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, will be disciplined for shouting "Donald Trump! Build that wall!" (and allegedly other racial slurs) at black and Latina high school soccer players from visiting Beloit Memorial High School last week, and Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, is seeing red about the obvious political repression. Of course, it helps that he's carefully filtered the story to make it seem like the only thing the spectators at Elkhorn were yelling was the "Build a wall!" chant. It's unclear whether Hoft is more outraged that anyone could consider yelling "Build a wall!" at Latino girls racist, or that the girls were bothered by it, like a bunch of pussies:

The high school girls soccer players from Beloit High School were so traumatized they were not able to finish the game.

The girls had to be cradled in the arms of an assistant coach.


Yes, what a bunch of fucking wimps those girls were. Look at how political correctness is ruining America. Hoft quotes from a teabagger blog's rewrite of the story:

School officials in Elkhorn, Wisconsin are investigating a group of their own students following complaints of racist chants being directed towards the African-American and Hispanic members of the Beloit Memorial High school girls soccer team as the two teams played last Thursday in Elkhorn.

Students are said to have chanted “Donald Trump, build that wall”.

School officials in Elkhorn consider that to have been racist.

Hoft does at least include WISC-TV's video report on the incident, which does have a mention of other unspecified "racist taunts," although that part doesn't make it into the text of his article. Wow.

Another story on the incident, from the Janesville GazetteXtra, reported that there have been multiple incidents in the past when "Elkhorn fans have been seen as taunting Latinos during sports games[.]" Beloit coach Brian Denu received a text message from a parent complaining that Elkhorn students near the Beloit bench were chanting “Donald Trump, build that wall!” and that

a racial insult was heard whenever the team's only African American player on the pitch touched the ball.

The black player had never heard the word before, Denu said.

Beloit players also heard, “go back to where you came from,” Denu said.

Huh! Details matter, maybe!

Three Beloit girls -- sorry, Mr. Hoft, not the whole team -- left the game in tears. And it was one girl, again, not the whole team, who was held by an assistant coach while she cried. The Elkhorn coach considered the behavior serious enough to stop the game and go on the PA system to tell the fans to stop the taunts. Guess BOTH teams are full of wussies!

Elkhorn schools administrator Jason Tadlock said he was unable to confirm the racist slurs against blacks (so obviously it never happened), but later announced that five Elkhorn students -- two high school boys and three elementary-aged girls -- would face unspecified disciplinary measures for the Trump chants.

A follow-up report on WISC clarifies the girls are U.S. citizens, not that it matters, because for chrissake, they aren't really Americans, as the wise souls at Gateway Pundit know. The top-rated comment on the story is:

Can't imagine why any girl would be upset. Unless, of course, she was an illegal.

Haw-haw! This was followed by another wit who said,

That, and/or others in the family are, and/or her family is currently in the process of bringing the other 89 family members over here illegally.

[wonkbar]a href=""[/wonkbar]We should also point out that The Gateway Pundit recently cried bitter tears over the insufferable racism of Beyoncé not hiring any white backup dancers for her Super Bowl halftime show. But that was righteous indignation, not a wimpy overreaction to a few minor racial slurs. We'll assume most readers of the Gateway Pundit would leap at the chance to go yell some racial slurs at high school girls, to help toughen them up some.

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