Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Ross Douthat Rolls Over, Plays Dead Edition

Of course today's NYT leads with all Ukraine all the time, as well they should. However, you know that geopolitical conflict isn't really how we do here, given that our official policy on Syria is ??????

Oh wait we forgot we totally want to talk about Syria for a minute you guys, because now thanks to the NYT we have a feels! The Times covered the online posting of a hot new pro-Hezbollah song that appeared on the internet recently, and believe us when we say thing is OUR JAM.

It's got a good beat and you can totally dance to it while engaging in complicated domestic conflict as well! Play it when you're arguing about who will do the dishes, because it has some super empowering fun time lyrics:

The booming martial ballad, “Seal Your Victory in Yabroud,” warns Hezbollah’s enemies:

The soldiers are coming/they will give you dark days/O Hezbollah, God be with you/ seal your victory in Yabroud.

“We flattened the army of the Jews,” Mr. Barakat sings, “and now it is your turn in Yabroud.”



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