Sundays With Jamie Kilstein And The Lord: Oh No Here Comes An Atheist

Sundays With Jamie Kilstein And The Lord: Oh No Here Comes An Atheist

Since many of MSNBC’s afternoon shows have fallen flat and Dylan Ratigan left to find himself, the network had to act fast. So what do many of these boring shows with blah ratings have in common? Only one host! So MSNBC thought, our ratings will HAVE to go up if we have a show with FIVE hosts right?! It’s basic MATH! Here we come Fox News! Five people limping towards the finish line.

So now we have The Cycle. You know, like your period! One of the hosts of The Cycle is S.E Cupp. A Republican and an atheist. So you would think since she doesn’t believe Jesus is coming on horseback to slay the Jews and Gays she may be smarter than your average Republican.

But it appears to sell books she needs to be a self-hating atheist. IT IS SO HARD 2 B SMART!

This week, S.E Cupp, an Atheist, said on THE CYCLE (it’s a little better if you yell it) that she would never vote for an atheist to be president. Hmm.

I almost respect believers who won’t vote for an atheist more. If you tell me you aren’t going to vote for Barack Obama because he believes that dinosaurs were real…respect. You’re fucking crazy, but consistent. If you tell me you aren’t going to vote for an atheist because he doesn’t believe in the fairytales you don’t believe in, but should pretend to believe those fairytales in order to appeal the stupid serfs, then you are a pretentious asshole.

To me an atheist is not someone who hates all religious people. I’m an atheist and just because I am doesn’t mean when I see a child go “YAY IT’S CHRISTMAS!” I kick him into a puddle and say Christmas?! You believe in that shit?! What are you a fucking idiot?! Read Leviticus man!”

It’s just if you want to be a sexist, homophobic, global-warming-denying sociopath because you heard that there was a sexist homophobic global warming denying dude in the sky with his son who can’t take a punch THEN I have a problem with you.

People seem to think that atheists believe in nothing, when in reality (the place that isn’t in the clouds) the opposite is true. Because I don’t believe in an afterlife, I treat this life like it’s all I got. I do what I can to take care of people because I don’t believe a god is doing that. I give to charity because God has a habit of fucking over places that aren’t very white.

If there is a heaven, awesome, I’m going to eat until I get kicked out. But right now evidence shows that there is not, so what’s the harm of electing someone who doesn’t want to facilitate end times?


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