Super-Christian Radio Guy Generously Remains 'Neutral' On Whether Shooting Federal Agents Is A Good Thing

Super-Christian Radio Guy Generously Remains 'Neutral' On Whether Shooting Federal Agents Is A Good Thing

We all know that Bryan Fischer is El Douche Grande at the American Patriarchy Association, but let us not forget that they have a whole second string of less-famous douchitos as well! Consider for instance radio-show guy Buster Wilson, who last graced Yr Wonkette when he espoused the entirely sane opinion that Barack Obama is preparing to declare all conservative Christians mentally ill so he can "get us out of the picture." But we may have misjudged him -- Wilson, it turns out, is a big old softie who is not yet ready to endorse killing US Marshals in cold blood when they Come For Your Guns.

Yr Wonkette would like to apologize for suggesting that Mr. Wilson's views are in any way extreme. For instance, he does not agree with the crazy notion that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Instead, he shares with Bryan Fischer the far more nuanced position that the evidence is not yet conclusive enough to say that Obama himself is the Antichrist, although of course any fool can see that he is "part of the Antichrist spirit."

In a similar (throbbing hypertensive) vein, Wilson took a very thoughtful position this week when a caller to his dumb radio show wondered if it would be OK to “shoot somebody who is going to come in my house” and seize all the guns. Well! Rather than just cold agree with G. Gordon Liddy that the proper response to federal agents is always "Head shots, head shots.... Kill the sons of bitches," Wilson, ever the good Christian, withheld judgment and said he is "staying neutral" on the question of whether it's advisable to murder federal law enforcement officers:

Caller: I’ve got some information, what you guys were saying, about the government buying millions of rounds of ammunition and Homeland Security buying these 2,700 assault vehicles that are supposed to be for homeland security and what goes through my mind immediately, looking at the fools that are running our country, what am I going to do when they come to my house and say: ‘We want to come in.’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ ‘Nothing, we want to look and see.’ ‘No, you’re not coming in my house.’ Am I willing to protect my home and my family and my constitutional rights because I know where I’m going when I die, but am I willing to shoot somebody who wants to come in my house and basically devastate — if they can take your weapons they can come in and take your wife or your children or whatever.

Wilson: I appreciate that and I’m going to comment on what you said. You and I right now are talking about things at the level of anarchy. I want to tell you what I don’t want to do on this program; I don’t want to have a discussion about how we are ready, willing and able to shoot down United States Marshals when they come to take our weapons. I’m not saying you wouldn’t do that or you shouldn’t do that, I’m just staying neutral on that right now. But I don’t want to talk about it because if our society breaks down that far then we are really in trouble.

Oh, sure, maybe he could have mentioned that there's no truth to the notion that Homeland Security is stockpiling bullets and armored personnel carriers so it can go to war with the American People, but where's the fun in that? Isn't it enough that he's graciously holding off -- for now -- on the important "Kill the Feds" question?

Yr Wonkette salutes the calming influence that Mr. Wilson is sure to have on armed wingnuts.

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