Super Rad Louisiana Lesbian Will Dance At Her Prom In A Tuxedo After All!

Well that was fast! On Monday, we told the story of a really cool high-school kid in Monroe, Louisiana, named Claudetteia Love. She's an out lesbian, and  she just wanted to wear a damn tuxedo to her prom, because she likes them. What could be wrong with that? Oh, the "lesbian" part, that's what tripped up the school principal and some of the asshole adults who make up the faculty at Carroll High School. So the principal, Patrick Taylor, went and made up a new rule that said "no lesbians in tuxes at the prom," because boys have a penis and girls have a vagina, or something, and Love and her friends decided they would just skip it.

Oh, but then it made national news! And then the National Center For Lesbian Rights decided to represent her, and the shaming was begunneth. Several days of that internet shaming, along with the snarky assist from the NCLR, seems to have fixed it up good, so go pick out your tux, Claudetteia, you and your BFFs are going to the ball!

Today, Carroll High School Principal Patrick Taylor and Monroe City School Board President Bishop Rodney McFarland Sr. contacted Claudetteia Love, who is being represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), to inform her that she will be allowed to wear a tuxedo to her senior prom on April 24. [...]

The negative response against Principal Taylor’s decision was swift. Two members of the Monroe County Board of Education, which oversees Carroll High School, vowed to ensure that Claudetteia would be allowed to wear a tuxedo to her prom.

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That's right! We are sure that there is somebody in the situation who will take this as evidence that Big Gay controls everything, and Bryan Fischer will probably explain on the radio how this is JUST LIKE THE NAZIS, but the reality is simply that in 2015, anti-gay bigotry just doesn't sit will with the townspeople! A lot of people out there are willing to stand up these days and say, "Hey, stop being an asshole to this nice honors student girl who happens to like other girls, what kind of dicks are you?"

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Claudetteia Love's mom, who also sounds pretty awesome, said, "I am proud of Claudetteia for standing up for her right to wear a tuxedo to prom and for being true to herself." That's right! Mama raised her right.

So, score one for Nice Time and goodness and fairness and equality and kids getting to be themselves at prom. We are very sorry for any Good Christian people who feel Holocausted by the outcome.



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