Superhero Al Franken Uses Literacy To Prove Homophobes Are Idiots


Here is Senator Al Franken questioning Thomas Minnery of gay-bashing church club Focus on the Family about the group's assertion that children fare better in households with heterosexual parents. Team Homophobia knows this is an obvious conclusion, so obvious actually that they did not need to "read" the words in the report. It's a report about nuclear families, families are nuclear, they do better when they are nuclear, NUKULAR POWERS WIN WARS, THEY ARE THE BEST DEFENSE (against same-sex marriage)!!!! But Franken throws them what is for a wingnut a fairly esoteric curveball, and he asks Minnery if he understands the meaning of "nukular." HUNHH?!

It turns out the report includes same-sex couples in the definition of "nukular family" rather than classifying them as vampire perverts as Minnery does, a wonderful fact that Franken ascertained by actually perusing the contents of the document. Behold the superpowers of literacy!

Is this a huge waste of time, to talk to people who do not bother to read the evidence they submit to Congress? Yes, probably. But Franken got the laugh! So no, it was not a total waste of time. Hooray! [TPM]


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