Wonkette Stole This Samantha Bee Interview With Tammy Duckworth Before It Could Even Air!
Screenshot; video preview via TBS

You know how Rachel Maddow loves yr Wonkette? Well apparently Samantha Bee does too, or else a new comms employee does and will MAYBE get SHITCANNED for it! (Don't get shitcanned, do keep sending us exclusive Samantha Bee segments before they air!)

In tonight's television episode, which we bring you here now (or at least the relevant portion thereof), Sam interviews kickass Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois; it's framed as part of a show-within-a-show, because why just do "an interview" when you can also make fun of the conventions of dopey late-night interview shows, not that they're naming any particular targets. Sam's hunky husband, Jason Jones, could not possibly be mocking any sidekick figures from the history of talk shows, that's for sure, hey-oooooh.

The Late Shrill with Samantha Bee and Tammy Duckworth | Full Frontal on TBSwww.youtube.com

Bee opens by noting the long list of firsts for Duckworth: First Thai-American member of Congress, first woman with a disability in Congress, first woman to give birth while in the Senate -- at which Duckworth noted plenty of men have become dads while serving, and some even acknowledged their kids.

The interview quickly gets to the point. Bee says, "We're living in a man's world" (like, say late-night comedy talk shows), and asks Duckworth how things have changed for women in the military since she served. One big improvement: Flight suits for Army helicopter pilots are no longer zippered one-piece jumpsuits that men can pee out of, but women can't. That seems like the kind of thing that should have been fixed before the last decade, huh? And even now, it's hard for women to get body armor that fits, leaving them more likely to get injured or killed. It's a radical idea, but maybe more women should be running things so that would be a bit more obvious?

Duckworth also discussed the Department of Veterans Affairs' serious problems in providing fertility treatment for vets, and the seriously unfunny issue of sexual assault in the military, and at the risk of repetition, those sure look like problems that could have something to do with the overwhelming male presence high in the ranks! Bee closed with a sentiment we can get behind: We need to clone Tammy Duckworth. Or maybe, for a much lower cost, elect a hell of a lot more women to Congress and everywhere else.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs TONIGHT on TBS 10:30 Eastern/Pacific, 9:30 Central and "Mountain Time." Check your local listings.

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