Tea Partiers Journey To England For Free-Market Love Fest

Tea Partiers Journey To England For Free-Market Love Fest

At this moment,Tea Par-tay reps are roaming around England -- where all of America's ancestors came from! -- to share with their British brethren the joys of lowering taxes, destroying government, and refudiating Black Privilege. They are also probably engaging in some of the local customs, like drinking tea at tea time! So authentic and real.

Apparently our seafaring teabaggers were invited by members of the right-wing, anti-everything Taxpayers' Alliance to hang out at the Taxpayers' Conference and Free Market Roadshow, which is actually a "spin-off"/rip-off of some other event. From the sounds of it, the American delegation is not the common subspecies of homo sapiens freedombags, whose members lug around handmade cardboard Rosetta stones and decorate their scooters with dangly sacks of Lipton. No, these are high-falutin' teabaggers who pal around with RICH BITCHES, like the Koch brothers:

US groups sponsoring the event include the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation, which came to prominence in the 1970s as Ronald Reagan's favourite thinktank. The Kochs, whose private company owns oil rigs and pipelines in the US, founded the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and have spent tens of millions of dollars supporting the Cato Institute. They also channel funds into causes through their business empire and one Koch-owned firm, Flint Hills Resources, has donated $1m (£650,000) to the campaign against California's anti-global warning proposition being voted on in November.

One of the highlights of this romantic Teabag getaway is a debate between Americans, Brits, and speakers from lesser countries about how to get governments to privatize everything. Also, some group will present "audited accounts" of tax-related somethings, because when you have nothing to live for besides money that kind of thing becomes exciting. [Guardian]


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