Tea Party Launching Sexy New Magazine To Save America, Publishing


Does that special someone in your life (unwanted grandparent in the Midwest) need a fun new magazine subscription to go along withReader's Digest Large Print Edition and that weird brochure from NewsMax? Well get your checkbook ready because TEA PARTY REVIEW is gonna drop at CPAC, sneetches, and it's packed with flava such as some old wire photo of Sarah Palin speaking at that thing last year, and a hawt new feature called "Meeting the Editor," and some otha stuff, nobody really knows ... oh wait, we mean, "and even a comic strip about a Tea Party congressman dealing with the Red Chinese.” Man this is better than any dang old free subway paper full of horror-scopes and those Armenian sisters for $40 on that faggy iPad, no?

Somebody emailed us a press release from this thing for some reason:

“There’s a profile of the first Tea Partiers elected to statewide office, a look at key figures in history such as Alexis de Tocqueville and Booker T. Washington, and even a comic strip about a Tea Party congressman dealing with the Red Chinese,” Pierson noted.

The “Tea Party Review’s team of writers, artists, and editors reflect the diversity of the movement, including individuals from all over the country incorporating a wide variety of backgrounds. The magazine includes people who’ve never contributed before to a national magazine, along with people who have written for major publications like the Chicago Defender and The New York Times.”

Yeah, who is that black person Tea Partiers can mention? Booker T. and his famous peanut butter! Also let's give it up for the Chicago Defender, whatever that is ...

Here is Cee-Lo and Prince doing "Crazy" last night in New York, to cleanse the palate:


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