Tea Party Racists Will All Start Listening To NPR Now

Tea Party Racists Will All Start Listening To NPR Now

The swirling toilet of American Public Life gained another floater this morning as NPR announced the immediate resignation of CEO Vivian Schiller -- no relation to NPR executive Ron Schiller, who was secretly videotaped giving an accurate description of the Tea Party people and already left NPR. Again, this is because Ron Schiller said the Tea Party people are scary racists. (Tea Party peopleare scary racists.) If you're getting a Shirley Sherrod deja vu thing about now, prepare to have this feeling every couple of weeks for the rest of your life (or, until you leave this dumb country forever), because this is America in 2011: a crumbling nation of fat slobs who ignore their kleptocrat kings and instead point their corn-dog fingers at Scary Mooslims and the "Kenyan president" and then get their little racist feelings hurt when anybody says, "Hey, look at those racist clowns."

NPR is a dull yuppie news network primarily funded by the industrial food and chemical conglomerates that keep the Tea Party people so plump and diabetic, so of course NPR is catering not to its listeners (liberal yuppies who ignore the Archer Daniels Midland sponsorship messages that bookend basically every NPR program) in this situation, but to Tea Party people and their cynical performers in the House of Representatives. Tea Party people don't listen to NPR news, obviously.

Let us once again consider the quote from the NPR exec -- Ron Schiller, not the Vivian Schiller CEO person who has now also resigned -- and see why a liberal news-radio executive should not say such things:

At one point, he said Tea Partiers were "xenophobic, I mean basically they are; they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it's scary. They're seriously racist, racist people."

Hmm, well that's completely true, so obviously someone who works for the political opposite should never say such a thing, especially in supposed private conversation.

And this has been another chapter of American Liberals. Whether it's Barack Obama or the head of NPR, an American Liberal can always be counted on to immediately freak out when somebody says something undeniably true that also sounds vaguely liberal. And then, the American Liberal can go back to the real priority, which is fellating corporate sponsors and hiring enough conservatives to provide the required 60%-right/40%-moderate "balance" and encouraging sound Democrat principles such as extending the Bush tax cuts and continuing endless failed wars against Muslims everywhere because that's Good For America. [MSNBC/NPR]


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