Teabaggers Annoy WI Democrats At Lazy River; WI Gov Threatens Obama


Those Teabaggers sure hate unions, huh? The Rockford Tea Party is running around the runaway Democratic state senators' hotel in Illinois, bothering them when they're just trying to get drunk and relax on the water park's lazy river. Now, some have left the hotel to go to undisclosed locations, hopefully other hotels with indoor water parks. Meanwhile, there are headlines like "President Obama monitoring tensions in Madison" (sounds like this "Madison" place is in the West Bank?) and "Wisconsin Governor to Obama: Mind Your Own Business." Well, if the guy is just going to be a dick about it, Obama should send in the army to keep the peace and extradite this governor guy to Hosni Mubarak's coma resort. Then the fine teachers of Wisconsin can get back to the important work of teaching children cheese history and cheese mathematics and cheese physical education.

"I think we're focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they're a long ways from doing," Walker told Fox News.

Good idea! Perhaps Obama can discontinue all of our weapons research, which is very expensive, and dump whatever's left over on this governor so his state can get back to business and stop being an adorable colder facsimile of Egypt. [YouTube/Fox News]


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