Team Of Evils: Michael Flynn's Son (And Chief Of Staff!) Very Concerned About Dating Sites For White People

Retired General Michael Flynn has been offered the position of National Security Advisor, which is... well, it's frightening! Because that guy is bonkers! But you know who is even more bonkers? His son, Michael G. Flynn! Who is not only the fruit of his loins, but also his chief of staff!

Flynn fils is -- as it turns out -- just as fond of ridiculous conspiracies as his father's soon-to-be boss, and spends quite a lot of time tweeting and Facebooking all about how Huma Abedin is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, and Marco Rubio totally loves cocaine-fueled gay foam dance parties.

He also enjoys retweeting people like Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson, mouthpieces of that Rebranded White Nationalism known as the "alt-right." And HOO BOY, does he love him some Alex Jones and Infowars. So much so that he, for some reason, tagged them in his pregnancy announcement...

Like you do! I mean, I know if I got knocked up, I'd want Alex Jones to be the first to know. You know, in case the father were a lizard person or something.

He is also, as you might imagine, awfully concerned about the lack of, um, dating sites just for white people.

Nothing more not-at-all-tired than the ol' "BET exists so why can't white people be weirdly racist in this way in which I think it would be fun to be weirdly racist?" argument. Ooh! What's next? "How can you say you are tolerant if you don't tolerate my intolerance, huh?" That is always a classic! They're just always so original, you know?

And speaking of tolerance! I, for one, particularly enjoy this thing he posted on Facebook, from what is definitely a real person claiming that doctors should not treat Trump supporters for illnesses.

Oh yeah, that is how we talk all of the time, right? This is so realistic, and certainly not something that seems like it was made up by a Trump supporter. Especially the "My understanding is that there are only 60 million of these people so as long as we stand united, we should be able to alienate them into submission" part of it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people say things like that! Pretty much at least once during every Spirit Cooking dinner I've attended.

Like, you know. "Hey, enjoy this tannis root smoothie! Also let's not allow the children of Trump supporters to go to school! YAY SATAN!" The ush.

OH, and by the way, it's not like this guy is just some guy's son, either. He hangs out with Trump!

And, he'll probably hang out with him even more if Daddy becomes a National Security Advisor. So I guess we can all look forward to government mandated dating sites for white people, and a real crackdown on liberals refusing to provide medical care to the children of Trump supporters. Or something! Yeah, this should be just delightful.

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Robyn Pennacchia

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