Ted Cruz Simply Does Not Care For All These Black People Voting Republican

Ted Cruz Simply Does Not Care For All These Black People Voting Republican

Smirking asshat Ted Cruzbrought his inimitable gravitas to the Mississippi Senate primary (on the day that the vote was certified by the state's Republican party, naturally), agreeing with losing loser Chris McDaniel that there's no way Thad Cochran really won the Republican primary, because a lot of "liberal Democrats" voted for Cochran in the state's open primary run-off. There had to be massive fraud, after all, and Ted Cruz is appalled, because Chris McDaniel totally deserved to win the election. But Cochran went and exploited an obscure loophole in the state's primary system, which allows just anyone to vote, like the time in 2003 when Chris McDaniel voted in the Democratic primary. So Ted Cruz is demanding an investigation, because there just has to be something fishy about Cochran winning with the help of Democrats voting blackly legally but for the wrong guy.

On the Mark Levin show Monday night, Cruz explained why Cochran's one weird -- but perfectly legal -- tactic of asking black Democrats to vote for him just had to be hinky:

“Chris McDaniel won a sizable majority of the votes from Republicans who voted in the runoff,” Cruz said on the Monday radio show. “But the D.C. machine spent hundreds of thousands of dollars urging some 30,000-40,000 partisan Democrats to vote in the runoff which changed the outcome.”

Yes, that's shocking, shocking! Big money in campaigns is definitely a terrible thing when it isn't YOUR big money, says the guy who thinks that Citizens United was a great step for free speech, and that any effort to undo it would be the same as "repealing" the First Amendment. Damn those big-money fat cats!

Besides, the Mississippi law includes an unenforceable provision that allows people to cross party lines in primaries only if they intend to vote for that candidate in the general election. Next step: Polygraph tests for all black voters.

An attorney for McDaniel claims that the campaign's examination of ballots in the runoff has identified “several thousand that are absolutely ineligible voters,” and so there should be a do-over, with a whole new run-off, and maybe between now and then there'd be a way to scare away more black ineligible voters, so that the real winner could win. McDaniel is likely to make a formal challenge to the primary outcome once his campaign's investigation is completed and all its results are harvested.


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