Ted Cruz So Sad AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Does Not Agree With Him On Legal Issues, Time To Burn Everything Down

Ted Cruz So Sad AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Does Not Agree With Him On Legal Issues, Time To Burn Everything Down

Here is whiny tantrum baby Ted Cruz (R-BrylCreem), being sad that his Imperial Majesty B. Hussein Obama is still presidenting around and trying to do things like Get His Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Confirmed By The Senate. As if any Republican president ever tried a scam like that! Cruz said in an interview with Newsmax that it would be a "travesty" for the Senate to vote on Lynch. A travesty! Cruz believes that Lynch would be "materially worse" than current Attorney General Eric Holder, whom Cruz loathes with a fiery passion equaled only by his hatred of undocumented immigrants, The Gays, health insurance coverage, post-birth Poor babies, ladies with choices, and a natural, windswept hairdo.

With a perfectly straight face, Cruz says "when Ms. Lynch came into the hearing [in January, 2015], I wanted to support her. I was hoping we would see a new Attorney General who would follow the law." He really thought that maybe, just maybe, Loretta Lynch, a U.S. Attorney and Harvard Law School graduate, could try to follow the law -- it's not too hard if you just apply yourself. And by "the law," Ted Cruz means his very own special snakeshit interpretation of it, so if all y'all could just get on the same page with that, we would have literally zero problems around here. It would be so easy for an Attorney General to follow the law if she or he would just listen to Ted Cruz, Genius Lawyer.

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For example, early in the Newsmax interview, when Ted Cruz mourns Senate Democrats' refusal to vote for a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that includes language eviscerating the president's executive actions regarding undocumented immigrants, he is just mourning the willingness of law-hating Democrats to go against what a federal judge had said about Obama's immigration actions. Cruz says, "A federal judge has enjoined enforcement of the President's illegal order. That means it cannot be put into effect." A FEDERAL JUDGE blocked those executive actions, you guys. That is The Law. Do not even mess with that shit.

So, you cannot go against what a federal judge says, no matter what, not ever. That is just how Ted Cruz, Constitutional Scholar, rolls. And that is completely consistent with what Cruz says a few minutes later during the same interview, when the interviewer asks him about Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore's refusal to follow a federal judge's order to STFU and let the gay people get married already. Ted Cruz says, omg, you can't listen to activist federal judges, are you kidding me?

The reason you're seeing a battle between the states and the federal judiciary in Alabama is because the federal judiciary is engaging in judicial activism and is usurping the role of the democratically-elected state legislature.

It is very clear to Ted Cruz that the law works like this: federal judges must never contravene the role of democratically elected institutions, like state legislatures, except when they must absolutely contravene them, like when they rule against a democratically elected president. We hope Loretta Lynch will be able to keep up with Ted Cruz's astounding legal prowess.

Anyway, Cruz is earnestly pretending it's still possible that the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans will all agree to his awesome new strategy of voting "no" on Lynch and then burning down the Senate and walking away in slo-mo with explosions in the background, even though Senate Republicans have already said thanks, but nah, to that idea. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said earlier this month Lynch will "absolutely" get a floor vote in the Senate. It is almost certain that if she is confirmed, Loretta Lynch will not share Ted Cruz's interpretation of the law, which obviously would be A Travesty.



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