Ted Cruz Tells Another Appropriate Well-Timed Joke, This Time About Guns Ha Ha Ha

Hoo boy, that Ted Cruz sure is a funny guy. While he is too big a coward to take a position on the Confederate flag and whether it should continue to fly on the grounds of South Carolina's state capitol (hint: it should not), he's not at all afraid to crack some "jokes" about gun control at a town hall meeting in Red Oak, Iowa:

We need to defend the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. You know the great thing about the state of Iowa is, I'm pretty sure y'all define gun control the same way we do in Texas -- hitting what you aim at."

Clap ... clap ... clap. What an original and refreshing joke -- that has been a lame bumper sticker since the invention of gun powder. And since timing is everything in comedy, telling this HI-larious side-splitter days after white supremacist Dylann Roof confessed to the murder of nine African Americans in their church, to start a race war, once again demonstrates Cruz's comedic skills and emotional intelligence. This, after Ted Cruz was nationally shamed for recycling a joke about Joe Biden at a Republican gathering, mere days after the vice president's son Beau died of brain cancer. Clearly, Cruz learned his lesson.

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Not that there are no restrictions on what people should be discussing right now in the aftermath of the horrific massacre in Charleston. When President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday, he politicized the hell out of the tragic shooting, by again calling on Americans to address the issue of gun violence and injecting race into it, by talking about the significance of attacking the country's oldest black church, and then, the next day, calling on South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag. Doesn't he know now is not the time to politicize this tragedy? Ted Cruz knows:

"It's sad to see the Democrats take a horrific crime and try to use it as an excuse, not to go after people with serious mental illness or people who are repeat felons or criminals, but instead try to use it as an excuse to take away Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens," he told a group of reporters.

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If you can't understand the difference between opportunistic Democrats exploiting a tragedy to discuss gun control, and Cruz cracking jokes about it as he calls for the protection of the Second Amendment, well, you're probably too dumb and insufficiently educated, perhaps at one of those lesser Ivies, to be worthy of debating Boy Genius Ted Cruz.



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