Televangelists Jan and Paul Crouch Live Like Jesus With $100,000 Motorhome For Their Dogs

Televangelists Jan and Paul Crouch Live Like Jesus With $100,000 Motorhome For Their Dogs

Oh whoops, Trinity Broadcasting Network and superduper good Christians Jan and Paul Crouch aregetting sued (again) and this time it involves a whistleblower who noticed things like their $50 million jet, the $100,000 motorhome for their dogs, and a whole bunch of fraudulent loans maybe? And then the whistleblower got fired from handling their books. And then the Crouches tried to claim the whistleblower was an embezzler, but haha the judge dismissed that, due to how it was probably total lies.

Your Editrix has good memories of the Crouches and their Costa Mesa, California, HQ, which is like the Vatican if it had been built by Vegas mobsters. Also, one time she was watching their show and a youth group came on in verrry Stormfront/Timothy McVeigh cammies and did a dance number about being the Army of the Lord, at which point, the one African American kid (who was dressed like a bat demon) was cast out, because Satan, and it didn't help matters at all that Your Editrix was high at the time. So what's going on with TBN lately?

The suit also alleges that TBN bought residences across the country for its directors under the pretext that they were "guest homes" or "church parsonages." The properties include mansions used by the Crouch family in Newport Beach; side-by-side mansions in Windermere, Fla.; and homes in Nashville; Miami; and Irving, Texas, according to the suit.

TBN directors received about $300,000 to $500,000 in meal expenses and the use of chauffeurs, and oversaw "fraudulent donation and kickback schemes involving third party 'ministries'" the network controlled, the suit claims.

The directors also misused funds to cover up sexual scandals, the suit claims.

Oh yeah, those sex scandals include the time the Crouches paid $425,000 to a dude who said Paul Crouch had sexed him, which Paul Crouch denied by paying him $425,000. Also, as pointed out by RightWingWatch, the suit claims Crouch son Matthew Crouch liked to waggle his wiener at the cleaning crew. You know. Allegedly. [LATimes, via RightWingWatch]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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