Terrible People Who Helped Cover Up Steubenville Rape Indicted For Being Terrible

Terrible People Who Helped Cover Up Steubenville Rape Indicted For Being Terrible

There is some big news out of Steubenville, Ohio, today. In case you don't remember how Steubenville got itself on the map o' scandals, here is a refresher: Back in 2012, a slutty drunk slut (i.e., a teenage girl) went and got herself raped by two real nice football stars who were basically just boys being boys and also football stars. They made videos and took pictures on their iDevices and LOL'd about it, and the whole town got real mad at that girl for daring to say mean things about those football stars -- because football! -- and the law was basically not going to do a thing about it until those meddling Anonymous hackers hacked their way into the police department and social media'd those videos and then justice was kinda sorta done because those football stars were convicted of raping that girl after all. (AndCNN was very sad about how that girl ruined those poor football stars' "promising futures." Boo hoo.)

Fast forward to today:

On Monday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that the grand jury investigating the Steubenville rape case has charged four adults in the community for allegedly helping to cover up the crime that made national headlines last spring. [...]

The grand jury made its first arrest last month, jailing a Steubenville school official who was accused of tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.

In a news conference on Monday morning, [Ohio Attorney General Mike] DeWine explained that four additional adults are now facing similar charges. In addition to the superintendent, an elementary school principal, a wrestling coach, and a volunteer football coach were also charged — the first two for failing to report child abuse, and the last for facilitating the underage drinking and delinquency of a minor.

(Sorry, Richard Cohen, but Miley Cyrus was not among the indicted.)

We are semi-rejoicing at this news because, on the one hand, it is a good thing that some of the sumbitches who helped protect the rapists are going to maybe be held accountable for thinking it was their job to stand up for rapists instead of the girl what they raped. On the other hand, there is this:

The high school’s beloved head coach, who was accused of telling football players that he would protect the two rapists from any repercussions, is not facing any consequences from the grand jury.

There is also what we feminazi types call "rape culture," of which Steubenville is a textbook example. It took some high-tech vigilantes to even force these bastard rapists to justice in the first place. And far too many people, from the locals to the damned media, wept for the rapists instead of the girl they raped. And the lessons of Steubenville haven't really enlightened anyone on how and when you can blame a rape victim for getting herself raped. (Hint: Never. The answer is never.)

Still, the news out of Steubenville is something slightly better than nothing, so we are sort of glad for that, we guess.

[Think Progress]


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