Terrifying Egomaniac Reality-TV Lady Considering 2012 Run

Terrifying Egomaniac Reality-TV Lady Considering 2012 Run

We told you about hertacky new foreclosure in Arizona that looks like a Panera or maybe a closed-down P.F. Chang's. We told you about her bonkers Twitter Spokeswoman, who writes awful things on Twitter not only about conservative figures like that one douche from RedState, but also about Palin's own daughter. And we have probably told you a few thousand other things about the Wasilla Grifter over the many, many years. Now, the New York Times has a front-webpage story sort of resignedly suggesting that Palin may indeed run for the Republican nomination.

Most liberals and Obama supporters are salivating over the endless comedy and guaranteed failure of a Palin campaign, but we don't know if we could really tolerate a whole year of the Snowbilly's antics in the context of an actual campaign year. Couldn't she, like, go away, forever, and count her money in peace? No, of course not. Sarah Palin is Narcissus combined with Medusa and Jessica Wakefield and that scary cyborg queen in the Captain EO movie. (Have you seen that? It's been playing nonstop at Disneyland since Michael Jackson died! People in the eighties were amazing.)

The tea party people keep mumbling "Reagan Reagan" when there's talk of Palin running for president, and we admit to not being scholars on the whole Ronald Reagan phenomenon, other than knowing from actual recorded history that he wasn't all that popular through most of his presidency, and that he left office as a disgraced out-of-touch old man who either did a lot of terrible things or let others under his command do a lot of terrible things, because he was too busy dreaming about a movie magazine from 1957 or perhaps thinking about how he could stop welfare queen black ladies from getting a new Cadillac every year, along with a million dollars, from their welfare checks. But, was he a national joke when he ran for president, either for the 1976 GOP primary or the 1980 election he won? Maybe he was. Maybe we are doomed to have Sarah Palin as president of America.

It would be a fitting end to a country that has seemingly lost its ability to do anything. We are so moving to Paris or Shanghai, forever. [New York Times]


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