Texas County GOP Wants To Oust County Chair Just For Being Deranged Racist, No Fair!

You might recall him from such previous tweets as...

You may recall this turdball Robert Morrow (no relation to the "Northern Exposure" guy), who managed to get himself elected chair of the Travis County Republican Party in Texas, and has used the position as a soapbox for his various deranged conspiracy theory theories on everything from the JFK assassination to his pet theory that Bill Clinton isn't Chelsea's real father. He's also fond of repeatedly tweeting the n-word to prove he's no slave to Political Correctness. With Donald Trump's close pal (but not an official part of the campaign, definitely not) Roger Stone, Morrow wrote a fanciful book-shaped object about the “Clintons’ War on Women,” which Donald Trump even pretended to have read and said was just terrific:

Yet despite all this high-level wonderfulness, Mr. Morrow turns out not to be so popular with the powers-that-be -- or were -- among Travis County Republicans, who changed their bylaws to strip the chair of most powers and are now trying to force Morrow out. You see, Mr. Morrow, dissatisfied with the limited platform being a county chair gives him, has gone and gotten himself qualified as a write-in candidate for president of the USA, certified by the Texas secretary of state's office and everything.

Problem is, says the Texas Tribune, that bit of political showmanship "appears to put Morrow in violation of a part of the state code that prohibits county chairs of political parties from running for office." So the Travis County Republicans have scheduled a Friday morning news conference in Austin to "make an important announcement ... involving the future of the local GOP." As a bit of foreshadowing regarding where the party's future might lie, the press release about the news conference lists David Duncan, its current executive vice chairman, as "acting chairman."

Earlier in the week, Stone -- who, remember, isn't officially working for the Trump campaign, wink-wink -- had Morrow tossed off the grounds of a Trump rally Tuesday when Morrow showed up wearing a jester's hat and carrying a huge sign reading "Trump is a child rapist."

Needless to say, the idiocy was captured on video, complete with Trump security informing Morrow he needs to get out and Morrow constantly repeating that he's the Travis County Republican party chair -- and questioning the security guys' credentials, which certainly enhances his credibility:

As a result of the ejection, it looks like Stone and Morrow aren't buds anymore, either. Yes, someone managed to be freaky enough to alienate Roger Stone -- though the real offense was Morrow's failure to hop aboard the Trump Train. Stone reacted with characteristic calm:

Still, the incident did at least give Morrow the chance to flog his "presidential campaign" when Talking Points Memo called him to ask for comment:

“I promise to promote boobyliciousness every day if elected, not just when I am campaigning,” he said in a direct message to TPM. “I want to start having bikini contests on the South Lawn of the White House and wet T-shirt contests every Fourth of July.”

A statement posted on the Travis County GOP’s website, which included information about Trump’s events in Austin, said that Morrow “does not represent the official stance” of the party.

Thursday's confirmation from the Texas Secretary of State's office that Morrow had met the minimal requirement for a write-in candidacy -- 38 valid petition signatures -- was all the Travis County Republicans needed. State GOP Chairman Tom Mechler issued a statement saying Morrow "became ineligible to hold the office of Travis County Republican Chair" simply by filing as a candidate last Friday.

For his part, Morrow insists he can't be removed, nuh-uh, never, no way, as he explained to the Texas Tribune:

"They don’t have the grounds to do that, and anybody who says so is probably lying," Morrow said. "The case law on this is probably extremely thin." [...]

On Thursday, Morrow suggested county party officials were trying to oust him because he had "embarrassed the living fuck out of Donald Trump" in recent days.

Mechler says he supports the Travis County GOP's attempt to take control of the party back. Here is his statement:

There is absolutely no place for rhetoric as distasteful as Mr. Morrow’s in the Republican Party of Texas ... We are excited to move forward with the Travis County GOP and the new incoming Chair as soon as an election is held to fill the position.

Not that Morrow intends to go quietly. He insists he has the mandate of The People, having won the county chair seat fair and square with 54% of the vote. He also warned, "If other people attempt to pull a coup like this, there will be trouble." Not that he stopped there. On his Twitter, he also had some choice words for state chair Mechler:

The real mystery here is why Morrow isn't supporting Trump. He seems so well attuned to the candidate's zeitgeist.

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