Texas High School Catches Al Jazeera Terrorist Asking People About 9/11


Don't mess with Texas.Texas is facing a few challenges right now -- incredible plagues of drought and fire and horror that could make even a liberal yankee atheist wonder if an Old Testament God had been awakened from its watery grave deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico. But narratives don't exactly change overnight, which is why some school district bureaucrats in the Texan town of Booker threw a Brazilian journalist out of a high school football game, because he works for Al Jazeera. And they caught him just before he planted bombs beneath the bleachers asked some people about the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

Gabriel Elizondo was attempting to do some "ask the regular folks" drive-across-Texas journalism. But when he gave the school lady his business card and she saw he worked for Al Jazeera, she ran for the school superintendent. And he told Elizondo to get lost, quick, because of what Elizondo's people had done. (Brazilians did 9/11!)

He then said something I could not entirely make out, because his voice sort of quivered from a combination of being obviously furious and nervous at the same time.

But I am pretty sure he said:

“I think it was damn rotten what they did.”

“I am sorry, what who did?” I say, not sure exactly if he was calling me rotten, the terrorists rotten, Al Jazeera rotten, or all of the above.

“The people that did this to us,” he says back to me with a smirk, still glaring uncomfortably straight at my eyes.

“Well, I think it was bad too,” I say. “Well, do you think, sir, we can film a bit of the game and talk to some people here about just that?”

“No. You can’t film, you can’t take pictures, or interview people.”

Isn't this a scene from Borat? Probably. Anyway, it serves this Brazilian smart-aleck right, making white people uncomfortable in Texas. Imagine the existential guilt that weighs heavily upon the middle-aged Texan male of today, knowing that the entire Saudi Arabian oil industry that gave birth to Osama bin Laden and most of the named 9/11 hijackers was actually created by Texans, when America ran out of oil 50 years ago! Imagine that! [Al Jazeera via Yahoo News]


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