Texas Lawmaker Wants To Imprison People For Implementing Health Care

Texas Lawmaker Wants To Imprison People For Implementing Health Care

To solve our nation's problems, we will need to do what our nation does best: innovate. Some may say that our politics cannot possibly become more polarized. But they're small-minded. There's a whole new frontier of polarization. And it is being explored by men of groundbreaking new ideas. Men like state Rep. Leo Berman of Texas, whowants to charge any person who tries to implement the 2010 health care reform law in his state with a felony and put them behind bars. "Thomas Jefferson believed in nullification. I believe in nullification and I just wanted to try it," Berman, the Thomas Edison of being an awful human being, said. There is nothing right with America that cannot be cured by what is wrong with America.

Berman said, "I don't think it's extreme at all. I think it's more extreme for Texans who have to pay $27 billion to put over 2 million illegal aliens on Medicaid. That's what's extreme," Berman said.

Getting this bill passed in Austin could be a tough sell. "I think it could pass because we have a big majority of Republicans in the house. The hold-up would be in the Senate," Berman said.

But, he still feels compelled to try. "I'm worried for Texas," he said.

Yes, let's round up federal employees, put them in jail, and let the sick people they trying to help just die or whatever. That's something we can all get behind, because it speaks to our values. Obamacare proves the president is morally weak. [Tyler Morning Telegraph]


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