This is a Texas Republican.

The Year of our Lord 2020 might not have been the year Texas finally tipped into the blue column. It's coming one of these years, we are 100 percent certain, no matter what kind of voter suppression fuckery Texas Republicans have pulled in the past and are certainly pulling right this very minute. We did it in Georgia. And if you think the GOP freakout and retreat into full-throated KKK-grade authoritarianism has been severe over Georgia flipping, HOO BOY, just wait for Texas.

That said, a new poll is out that shows that, despite 2020's results, President Joe Biden is more popular than many Republican elected officials in Texas, even if just slightly, a list that includes Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

This is to be expected with Cruz, because everybody hates Ted Cruz, even people who vote for him and then go hurl in the nearest bathroom, but it's nice to see Texans hating their own hometown Republican boys who aren't named Ted Cruz.

The University of Texas/Tribune poll gives Biden a 44 percent approval in the state, and a 46 percent disapproval, and that divide is every bit as partisan as you'd expect. But again, it's better than how these other Republicans fare:

  • Ted Cruz: 43 percent approval/48 percent disapproval
  • John Cornyn: 31 percent approval/43 percent disapproval (fully 25 percent have "no opinion," which just means some Texans need to READ A BOOK and learn what an addled dumbass Cornyn really is)
  • Greg Abbott: 43 percent approval/45 percent disapproval
  • Dan Patrick: 35 percent approval/39 percent disapproval (and 26 percent with "no opinion," roughly the same as Cornyn. Come on, Texas! He's the barking shithole who was totally fine with old people dying of COVID to save the economy! You know him!)
  • Attorney General Ken Paxton: 32 percent approve, 36 percent disapprove (meanwhile, 31 percent haven't had the pleasure of his acquaintance).

We're not saying things would go differently if the election were held today — after all, according to those numbers, Biden is still technically a hair underwater. But they might. Things are going well. The Biden administration is actually doing things for the American people, things the American people like. And Donald Trump isn't on the ballot anymore, which seems to have a direct correlation with whether Republicans even bother to show up to vote down-ballot. (See: all the Democratic wins in 2017, 2018, and the 2021 Georgia Senate elections.)

We don't have some big thought to share here, it's just an interesting poll porn snapshot that shows you how close things still are down there in Texas. Of course, Texas Republicans are well aware of that, and that's why they're trying to do an Everything's Bigger In Texas voter suppression bill to prevent Texans who aren't old white racist balls from choosing their own elected leaders.

The fight's not over, it's only just beginning, haha, that is the most trite ending we have ever written, here is a really interesting long read from the New York Times on Texas Republicans eating each other, and now we will excuse ourselves.

[University of Texas/Tribune poll]

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