Texas 'Open Carry' Morons Stand Their Ground Against Sissypants Liberals At The NRA

Texas 'Open Carry' Morons Stand Their Ground Against Sissypants Liberals At The NRA

Yesterday we brought you the story of the NRA's suggestion that Open Carry Texasmight want to tone it down a bit. The merry bands of gun fondlers who have done so much to endear themselves to Texas fast-food customers, the NRA said, may actually be harming the cause of Guns Everywhere by scaring the bejeezus out of people. Well, by golly, the brave gun humpers of Open Carry Texas are not going to stand for that, so they have issued a blazing response of good old-fashioned frontier gibberish and telling the NRA to go get stuffed. But not at any taxidermist that advertises in American Rifleman.

Let us tell you, brothers and sisters, Open Carry Texas has had it with those uninfomed sissypants liberals at the NRA and their messing around in business what isn't theirs to be messing around in:

It is unfortunate that an organization that claims to be dedicated to the preservation of gun rights would attack another organization fighting so hard for those rights in Texas. The fact is that the NRA hasn't been able to get open carry passed in Texas since the right was first taken away from us when Jim Crow laws were passed in the 1860s, making us one of only 5 states where it is still illegal. The NRA has refused to learn for themselves how Open Carry Texas (OCT) conducts itself other than what the liberal media and Bloomberg funded gun control extremists have falsely portrayed.

Yes, why should we trust videos posted by members of Open Carry Texas showing them proudly strapped for battle as they set up a perimeter around a Chili's? Once those videos get re-posted somewhere else, they become liberal propaganda!

Besides, doesn't the NRA know that Open Carry Texas has already handled this: WAY back on May 23, they issued a statement calling on their members to stop going into restaurants while carrying, and so by golly, the problem has been solved. After all, that video from Memorial Day of gun humpers following a former Marine around and taunting him and threatening to ruin his business was all outdoors, not in a restaurant. Likewise their big Gun-a-palooza at a Dallas-area Home Depot. So you just be quiet, NRA, because "the whole world is aware of that" change in tactics.

Open Carry Texas then made it clear exactly who's the real enemy of gun rights: those wimps at the NRA.

The more the NRA continues to divide its members by attacking some aspects of gun rights instead of supporting all gun rights, the more support it will lose. Already, OCT members are posting pictures of themselves cutting up their life membership cards. If they do not retract their disgusting and disrespectful comments, OCT will have no choice but to withdraw its full support of the NRA and establish relationships with other gun rights organizations that fight for ALL gun rights, instead of just paying them lip service the way the NRA appears to be doing. The NRA should have instead released a statement to the effect that it applauds our groups for coming together and finding new methods to promote safe and responsible open carry.

Also, too, the OCT Facebook page has been proving, despite the NRA's cruel accusation that scaring people isn't "neighborly," that they are in fact terrific neighbors, because they feed the homeless and adopt highways.

Yr. Wonkette is, of course, very very sad to see such close friends fighting. Maybe if a delegation from Open Carry Texas were to insist on barging into the next NRA Convention packing heat?

[Open Carry Texas]

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