Texas Patriots Just Postin' Muslims' Addresses Online, Please Don't Dox Them!

Won't someone protect us from the scary weirdos?

[contextly_sidebar id="9Byx9hpMKdBkDxj300KIZTINCQzUtTsh"]A week ago, a dozen or so very brave Texas Super Patriots proved how much they love America by standing around with guns outside a mosque in the city of Irving, to warn about the impending cataclysm of Sharia Law taking over the state. Several of these courageous souls wore masks and gave reporters only pseudonyms, to protect their identity from The Enemy. To follow up on that act of America-defending, the group's leader, one David Wright III, posted the names and addresses of "Muslims and Muslim Sympathizers" in town, just in case anyone needed to know, or might be driving around with a Molotov cocktail they needed to dispose of.

Wright thoughtfully copied a public record of people who'd signed up to speak against a City Council resolution in March, when the Council endorsed a dumb state law intended to keep Sharia at bay. The bill failed, but rumors persist that the Islamic Center of Irving is home to a "Sharia Court," which is actually a private mediation service similar to other dispute-resolution services operated by churches and synagogues, but far more dangerous because didn't you hear? It's a Sharia Court! Following widespread online ridicule of his silly armed protest outside the mosque, Wright posted the list of names and addresses Wednesday to the Facebook page of his charming little group, the "Bureau of American Islamic Relations," complete with a scary heading:

Image from Dallas Morning News

Mind you, the post didn't say anything (ahem) should be done (nudge-nudge) to anyone on the list (wink-wink). It was a public record, he told Fox affiliate KDFW, posted for informational purposes only. Merely a way to help the people of Irving get to know one another. And if someone happened to dispose of a brick while driving by, that's not Wright's fault. Why, it was no more a threat than how Operation Rescue helpfully lets people know the home addresses and children's names of doctors who perform abortions. Just being neighborly. KDFW also reports Wright insisted "the rumors of the Sharia court are true, and he is preparing evidence and documentation to prove it."

The list of names and addresses was soon taken down by Facebook after complaints from other users. David Wright's personal Facebook page was also briefly unavailable; it has returned, although as of Sunday evening, it contained no content after Nov. 24, the day before the list was posted. One of the now-deleted posts featured Mr. Wright sobbing about how the mean old leftists have tried to ruin his life by posting news stories about his own attention-seeking behavior:

Image from Dallas Morning News

That's a pretty compelling argument! "If we had a hit list and wanted to run down that list, you would have already seen it on the news!...We are self defense only, none of our members have killed any Muslims in America!" We sure are reassured. Heck, he didn't even add "yet," which shows how peaceable-minded he is. Needless to say, it's all the biased media's fault he had to post the names and addresses anyway, because how else was he to prove that Muslims want to set up an alternate justice system? Clearly, anyone speaking against that loony Texas bill favors Sharia courts, as a list of names and addresses proves beyond doubt.

On Saturday, following all the Facebook agita, roughly 200 people showed up at a rally in freezing weather to show support for the mosque, but none felt the need to carry assault rifles or tactical shotguns to protect themselves from the scary Muslims within. While nobody from BAIR showed up to bait the demonstrators, Wright took to the BAIR Twitter account to suggest that the tiny group of 200 was unimpressive compared to his mighty force of a dozen committed Patriots:

He explained that many more than a dozen Texans agree with his little crowd of armed dolts, but many "are afraid to stand up against Islam in public at a mosque." Also, in reply to someone who asked why he could only round up a dozen followers, Wright clarified, "We are wolves, not sheep. More sheep than wolves, do the math." No violent intent there; it's only a metaphor. In any case, numbers simultaneously don't matter AND the liberal media exaggerated Saturday's turnout, since another reporter estimated only 120 people were there, which Wright believed was still too high. Plus, he saw on Facebook that the organizer of the pro-mosque rally is a witch.

In summary: Something something Liberty, something something Sharia Law, America, the End.

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