Texas Political Donors Show Obama More Love Than GOP Candidates


The check writers of Texas have seen fit to chuck most of their gobs of bloody oil money in "Muslim socialist candidate" Barack Obama's direction so far this election season. Whaaaat? Wasn't Jesus at least still sort of in charge over there until recently? Gawd, this really is the end. Eh, or everyone realizes the GOP field is filled with bitterly lame candidates who spend their monieshanging out in front of abandoned buildings and crowding the Internet with illiterate twatting. "Thanks, but we already have a guy who will bomb oil-rich nations at no cost to us," Texas political donors also mentioned.

Gov. Rick Perry has not jumped into the race for the White House, but Texans have started weighing in with their pocketbooks.

Texas political donors have already sent nearly $4 million to presidential candidates, including Democratic President Barack Obama and more than a half-dozen Republican challengers ranging from Mitt Romney to Ron Paul.

Obama has gotten the most so far, slightly more than $1.4 million.



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