Dumber than dogshit on a slice of Texas Toast at Cracker Barrel during Sunday supper.

Texas Republican dickweasel homophobe congressman Pete Sessions had a big day on Tuesday! On top of his normal schedule, which probably includes gym, tan, laundry, picking the mesquite barbecue-flavored lint out of his armpit and Prayer Time, he managed to say this about the victims of the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse GAY nightclub for GAYS (and also their pals!):

"It was a young person's nightclub, I'm told. And there were some [LGBT people] there, but it was mostly Latinos," said Sessions, the House Rules Committee chairman, according to National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser.

Bless his dickbrained heart. He was TOLD that it was the young Latino whippersnappers and not the homosexuals. OK maybe some homosexuals, but otherwise it was all youthful Latinos, and we all know you only get to be one or the other, gaysexual or fresh-faced Hispanican. Congressman Sessions weren't TRYIN' to fuck it up, he just did, DANGIT BOBBY!

And why was he asked this? Let National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser explain you:

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/602060/house-republicans-bone-the-gays-while-democrats-squeal-in-outrage-typical-day-in-congress"></a>[/wonkbar]The Maloney amendment, wait, what was that? Remember a month or so back when gay Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney offered an amendment to a defense authorization bill, to codify into law President Obama's executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people? Maloney had offered the amendment in response to an asshole GOP congressman's own amendment negating said executive order. Republican tomfoolery, trickery and dickassery ensued, and Maloney's amendment was killed. That was the first time it failed. Later, attached to a different bill, it passed, but then ultimately failed again, because as The New Civil Rights Movement explains, House Republicans stuck ANOTHER gay-hatin' amendment on top of it, and Democrats ultimately voted against it.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Would the third time be the charm?

House GOP leaders won’t allow a vote this week on a proposal to ensure that federal contractors can’t discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), who is gay, filed an amendment to a Defense Department spending bill that would enforce a 2014 executive order prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people. The Defense bill is slated to hit the House floor this week in the aftermath of the attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

But the House Rules Committee, which serves as an arm of majority leadership in deciding how legislation is considered on the floor, did not green-light Maloney’s amendment for a vote Tuesday night.

Fuck you, gays! Sessions doesn't think Pulse is a gay club or that those people who died were of the homosexual variety, and as the House Rules chair, he does not cotton to the the idea of makin' laws against LGBT discrimination, because if you do that, how can you discriminate against the LGBTs? Answer that, smart guy!

And besides, didn't he already do Thoughts And Prayers? By golly he did! Isn't that enough, without those LGBTs wantin' to be free from good old-fashioned right-wing Christian discrimination?

Now, to be fair, Sessions's staff tried to cover his ass and say he had made a oopsie:

How in hell was he supposed to know, was he supposed to read the liberal media or somethin'? And if there were godly heterosexuals like himself present, how could they be at a gay type place of business, is that even legal? And if there's a bunch of Latinos present, shakin' about like the Kids These Days do, isn't that, by definition, a LATINO club? Pete Sessions has #TexasQuestions and they need to be answered.

Anyway, it ain't important, because the good congressman thinks gays are gross.

[The Hill / The Hill again / The New Civil Rights Movement]

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