A Texas elementary schoolthrew out a 6th-grader's reduced-price breakfast Wednesday when the child -- a future thug, because he qualifies for reduced-price meals -- was unable to pay the required 30 cents, even though his mother called the school and offered to bring three dimes. This latest incident -- just one of several in the covered over the last few months -- clearly taught the kid a lesson about how the real world works -- not really a lesson about economics or responsibility or anything, but he definitely learned that idiots in positions of authority can act as arbitrarily and illogically as they want to, because don't you know how institutions work? This should be a valuable touchstone for his future life, where idiots with power will almost certainly find innumerable ways to dick him around. With any luck, he may even rise to a middle-management position where he can dick around those below him in the organization chart. And he didn't even have to be put in the stocks! This time.

RawStory has the skinny (now just a little skinnier):

Jennifer Castilleja told KTRK that she offered to come to the school Wednesday morning and pay for the breakfast but Barber Middle School in Dickinson ISD refused to feed her 12-year-old unless it got the money first. As a part of the reduced meal program, Castilleja’s son pays only 30 cents for each breakfast, but his account had run out of money.

“My son called me and asked me if I could bring him some money because they took his breakfast from him and he needed money for breakfast,” she recalled.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m on my way, I’ll pay for it,’” Castilleja told the school. “And she said no, I would have to bring some money before he could have breakfast.”

“There were kids all around him. I think he may have been a little embarrassed and upset and, of course, hungry.”

The school district is actually quite pleased with its actions, thank you very much, because it is the parent's responsibility to know that their child's account is running low, and where do these lazy poors think they are, Boston?

“Dickinson ISD’s procedure is that we do not allow student charges for breakfast,” the district said in a statement. “Many school districts follow this same procedure. Students get verbal warnings to let parents know once the account starts getting low. Written warnings are sent home to parents before money runs out.”

Look -- if parents can't be bothered to be responsible, perhaps the sight of perfectly edible food going into the trash will give their little moochers an incentive to stop being poor. Besides, they told her. They told her! But did she listen? No. She just rolled around in her gold-plated Obama Escalade, talking on her Obamaphone and letting her child suffer instead of doing something positive and bringing money to the school thirty minutes earlier than she actually was able to.

Yr Wonkette has not ascertained whether the cafeteria workers actually sneered at the child as the breakfast went into the garbage, or if the minimum-wage workers in an understaffed kitchen had also been robbed of the ability to care anymore by a constant barrage of bureaucratic diktats from the district office.


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