Texas Votes To Require Campus 'Family Values Centers' (For Non-Gays)


The long, hard struggle.The Texas House overwhelmingly passed a budget last week that included an amendment that would force state universities to create a "traditional family values center" in order to continue receiving state funding if they currently have one of those resource centers for the gays and such. According to its author, state Rep. Wayne Christian, universities "teach alternative sexual behavior," and he doesn't want to interfere with their "right" to do that, he just wants to make sure college kids are taught penises can be stuck in vaginas, the way Jesus had sex and created a family. Is this a sign that heterosexuals can finally express their sexuality openly and enjoy some degree of acceptance in society? Or will our young people continue to kill themselves in shame when they figure out they're straight?

Christian apologized to the “ladies in the gallery” as state Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, asked him to define “pansexual,” which was included in the amendment.

Giggles aside, the amendment passed 110 to 24.

It Gets Better, heterosexuals. There is a now place where you can be accepted for who you are and connect with other people who are interested in having intercourse with the opposite sex. And once you meet those people, you can fuck the daylights out of them on the couch in the Traditional Family Values Center's "game room." Good luck with all the babies you make! [Dallas Morning News/Austin-American Statesman]


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