TFW Trump Accuses Obama Of Treason And Everybody Is Like *GIANT WANKING MOTION*

Did you hear Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of treason? You might have missed it, or maybe you saw a tweet and you were like "meh wanking motion" and went back to making more exciting wanking motions. You might have figured it was just more of the same old, same old about OBAMAGATE!, which makes sense, because "OBAMAGATE!" is a well-known synonym for "treason."

Except for how treason is punishable by death and OBAMAGATE! is punishable by ... still being the hottest-ass ex-president around? We dunno.

Trump said it in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, because he's such a Christian.

TRUMP: Treason. Treason. It's treason.

And then he barfed out some conspiracy theory bullshit about Barack Obama spying on his campaign, lied and said it "turned out I was right" about the pretend spying, and about the Fox News obsession with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texting about an "insurance policy," which was never about what Fox News and Trump say it was about. So yeah, you're right, this is about OBAMAGATE! And what is Obamagate? It's the greatest crime! And what is the greatest crime? It's OBAMAGATE! Which is treason!

Look at you over there, still making wanking motions.

To be clear: did "spying occur," like Bill Barr said? No. Even if the Trump/Barr made-up bullshit Fox News nonsense conspiracy theory were true, would that be "treason"? Also no. Indeed, the Trump campaign's whole-hearted embrace of Russian reacharounds in 2016, as documented in the Mueller Report, is far closer to the actual definition of "treason" than whatever imaginary crimes Trump thinks Obama committed.

Trump continued by talking about Bill Barr's dumbshit "Unmask the Investigators" investigation, led by US Attorney John Durham, which is indeed one of Barr's greatest projects to rig the election for his boss and Vladimir Putin, to try to make it look like the Obama administration did something improper when confronted by America's prime enemy attacking our election for the benefit of itself and the 2016 GOP nominee.

And look, as weak sad baby sauce as Trump is, and his re-election prospects are, Barr is going to do whatever he can to ratfuck the election for Trump, and he obviously wants to use Durham's investigation to do that. Bank on it. Of course, nobody trusts Bill Barr, just like nobody trusts Donald Trump, so if/when they come out with some bullshit indictments in October, most Americans are going to be like *GIANT WANKING MOTION* and elect Joe Biden anyway.

It is funny, though. We are writing about this because we really should never normalize this kind of presidential behavior, at least not so much that it passes without notice. But yet the story really hasn't made a huge dent in the news cycle.

Media Matters has a headline right now about this that says, "Trump baselessly accused Obama of treason and it wasn't big news." Its writer, Matthew Gertz, also tweeted, about how hardly anybody paid any attention to it:

Maybe it's partially because this all is an extension of the "Obamagate" bullshit and people feel like the only difference is that this time Trump actually tried, stupidly, to name a crime he thinks Obama committed.

Maybe we're desensitized.

Maybe it's because, as Steve Benen notes, Trump accuses everybody of treason, which he appears to define as "person who makes me very mad a lot!" The "FBI lovers," Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and his treason paraphrases, fake news reporters, whistleblowers ... just fuckin' everybody. He's probably going to accuse that ramp at West Point of treason before too terribly long. The man is dumb as dogshit, he doesn't know what the goddamned word means.

Maybe Americans really have just fully turned the page on the existence of Donald Trump and his presidency, and are just counting the minutes until we can end this fucking nightmare in November.

Whatever it is, we agree with Gertz that we need to say something when Trump says and does this horseshit, because the nightmare isn't over until it's over.

So here we are. Donald Trump accused Barack Obama — directly — of treason. And you are just sitting there still making wanking motions, Jesus Christ, will you please stop that.

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