Thanks, Paul Ryan, For Reminding Voters GOP Wants To Kill Medicare & Social Security!

Thanks, Paul Ryan, For Reminding Voters GOP Wants To Kill Medicare & Social Security!

We've been too busy celebrating Pagan Earth Day with a bunch of wiccans and gay wizards, at Hogwarts, to notice the new consensus about nervous GOP weirdo Paul Ryan: He apparently finished off the entire "tea party movement" the Koch Brothers created by simply admitting what the Corporate Far-Right has been trying to do for half a century: Destroy Medicare, destroy Social Security, and leave 80% of the country (including the deluded working-class "GOP base") to fuck off and die in old age, as soon as they're no longer able to stand up at the Wal-Mart cash register. Congratulations, Paul Ryan! Also, congratulations to Stephen Goldstein at theSun Sentinel for writing perhaps the most vicious description of GOP heartthrob Paul Ryan we've ever seen.

You really want to enjoy this whole column, but here's the metaphysical kick in the crotch:

Whiz kid wannabe, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will be the unwitting savior of the Democratic Party and cause of his party's humiliating defeat. He issued his penny-pinching "Path to Prosperity" before the president spoke about our debt and deficit. For the unveiling, image consultants gave the Wisconsonite a new hairdo to soften his usual menacing part and ghoulish gaze, but they couldn't change the mean-spirited, elitist strategy to which he committed Republicans: Adiós — Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid; Hola — tax cuts for the drowning-in-money.

No matter how much the demagogues pound away via their megacorporations' megaphones, working people will show up at the polls in 2012 and they will wash out the anti-American extremists who were all hand-picked and financed by the Koch Brothers to destroy everyone who depends on a paycheck in this country. Everyone. That is the "philosophy" of Ayn Rand and those are the marching orders for this crop of Republicans in office today.

For average Americans, Ryan's "Path" is a road to ruin. The Ryan Republican tea party would make a 65-year-old eligible for Medicare in 10 years pay nearly $6,400 more than people pay today — and force them into the private insurance market, where they probably won't be able to afford, or even get, coverage. It swells the deficit by trillions and doesn't achieve a balanced budget for decades. Through his calculated miscalculation and stubborn refusal to recognize that we have a spending and revenue imbalance, Ryan gave Democrats a gift that will keep on giving.

The American system, where "private property" and the unmitigated wealth of corporations has always reigned supreme over such faith-based falsehoods as "We the People," survived the revolutionary turmoil of the 20th Century only by redistributing just enough wealth to maintain a buffer zone of relative comfort between the billionaires and the seething lower class. The absence of that minimal redistribution becomes most apparent when old people are tossed aside to die in sickness and poverty after working away their lives away. And even a loyal Rush Limbaugh listener is eventually able to comprehend the difference between having Medicare and Social Security and not having a monthly check to survive and a way to see the doctor, because it's the difference between life and death.

Anyway, that's the happy view. The alternate view is that the teabaggers would literally shoot themselves in the face with those guns they love so much if they thought it might also hurt the coloreds. [Sun Sentinel]


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