Guy Who Was In That One Thing Is QAnon Person Or Something Now

Guy Who Was In That One Thing Is QAnon Person Or Something Now

If there is anything rightwing loons love, it is when a "celebrity" who hasn't been culturally relevant for several decades comes out as "one of them." It's not really a surprising trajectory, of course, especially in a world where VH1 is no longer handing out reality shows to everyone who was ever on a sitcom or had a one-hit wonder. Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. may love to claim that they've been cancel-cultured for their conservative views, but the truth is that those are the only things keeping them remotely relevant — which is probably why the Washington Post had to run an article titled "Who are Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr. and why are they at the Republican convention?" when they both spoke at the Republican convention in 2016.

Screenshot of article with same headline as above

"Charles in Charge" ended 31 years ago and I'm not sure anyone knew why Antonio Sabáto Jr. was famous to begin with. Wikipedia says he was an underwear model? There's absolutely no way either of them would be getting the love and admiration they once got as teen idols or a from a brief stint on "Melrose Place" if they weren't some of the few celebs the Right has to cling to.

Anyway! One of the most common trajectories, sadly, is from SNL cast member to painfully unfunny rightwing mouthpiece. We've seen it happen to Joe Piscopo, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, and now it's happened with Jim Breuer, whose last public appearance was as the correct answer to a pub trivia question that won me a bag of potato chips.

Breuer, who made a name for himself with his perpetually stoned-looking eyes, as "Goat Boy" (which by the way was an absolute ripoff of of the "Reading Rainbow" episode where Levar Burton goes to a terrifying nightmare diner where everyone is a goat and they keep trying to make him eat garbage), and as Dave Chappelle's costar in 1998's Half Baked, is now wowing audiences on the "ReAwaken America" tour, a clowns-only traveling circus known to feature such luminaries as Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, the MyPillow guy and all of the "doctors" who pretend COVID isn't real.

See! There he is in the bottom right corner!

Flyer featuring Jim Breuer, Roger Stone, Mike Pence, MyPillow Guy and others.

During one recent appearance, Breuer regaled the very eager audience not with his impression of a goat but rather with his impression of a cockatoo, in a bit about how we libs are just like cockatoos going "Trust the science!" and "Don't die of a virus there's a vaccine for!" all day.

Apparently the QAnon people are a very easy audience because they were just laughing and laughing their darned faces off. It's hard to believe that it's because they thought it was especially funny so much as they found it thrilling and cathartic to have a "famous" comedian making fun of us instead of them for a change.

Who knows what is next for Jim Breuer? If history tells us anything, he's either going to try to start his own conspiracy YouTube channel or embark on a career in the wide world of faith-based cinema, perhaps starring in the next God's Not Dead sequel. The possibilities are, well ... very, very limited. But the adoration he will surely get from rightwing assholes desperate to have celebrities parroting their views will be endless.

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