The Bill Barr Revisionist History Tour Continues With Your Pal Chuck Todd!

Donald Trump is a cruel, petty and not very bright man. That is evident anytime he ad libs at one his hate rallies. As president, Trump surrounded himself with evil and (occasionally) smarter sycophants who were able to navigate through the federal government to accomplish his cruel desires. That is where Bill Barr, the George H.W. Bush attorney general who fought forall those pardons after Iran-Contra, entered Trump's presidency.

We all know what Barr did during Trump's presidency. Need a refresher? Click here.

But now Barr has a book to sell, so his rehabilitation tour continues, which is why we are forced to endure his appearances on news shows like NBC's "Meet The Press."

After recapping Barr's tenure as Trump's attorney general like a "Previously On" where you hit the skip button while binge watching a show, Todd proceeded to play the following audio from Barr in September 2020:

Yes, that's Barr saying "you know liberals project," and "all this bullshit about how the president is going to stay in office and seize power? I've never heard of any of that crap." That's right, Bill Barr. It sure was the liberals projecting, as we all found out soon after!

So obviously seeing how wrong he was, Barr took full responsibility and apologized when Todd confronted him with the clip:

TODD: Obviously hindsight shows you they weren't projecting, and they weren't wrong. Do you admit that now?
BARR: No, I mean, I'm not sure what the basis was for saying at that time that he had some plan to stay in office. I think he actually at the time of election thought he won the election. So if there was a plan to stay in office, it's something that materialized after the election. I saw no sign of a plan before the election to stay in office, regardless of the outcome.

Seriously? Actually it's not that shocking. The GOP's "strong and wrong" mentality has been a bedrock of its politics for decades.

Todd, in another brief and faint moment of journalistic pushback, played video of the numerous times between 2016-2020 that Trump claimed he wouldn't accept election results if he lost. Barr's retort to this clear evidence of him being wrong? It was a "Chuck Todd Special."

BARR: Well, I don't know, there was sort of the same thing in 2016 on both sides.

Right, because Democrats' legitimate concerns about all the Russian interference on Trump's behalf, which is well-explained in the Mueller Report that Bill Barr tried to memoryhole, is the exact same as Trump declaring before the votes were counted that it was rigged and Joe Biden stole it from him.

Here's Barr trying to paint himself as a hero.

BARR: I felt for a long time that he was going to lose the election. I went in April [2020] and told him that I thought he was going to lose the election and, you know, that his personal behavior, his obnoxious behavior, was turning off key blocs of voters, and he was going to lose. And on election night I felt he was going to lose. And I was actually surprised it was as close as it was.

If we are taking Barr at face value (which no one should), it means Barr knew Trump was going to lose when he dropped the criminal charges against Michael Flynn in May 2020. It means Barr had the unmitigated pepper balls to act like he knew Trump was going to lose when he ordered people to be tear-gassed for Trump's failed church photo-op in June 2020. Or when AFTER Trump lost the election, Mitch McConnell asked Barr to do the bare minimum to help stop Trump's coup, so the GOP could try to win two Senate seats in Georgia. Or how about when in December 2020 Barr weaponized the DOJ to investigate reporters?

See the problem with people like Barr is that in the 21st century there's no shortage of receipts people can pull, while Barr desperately tries to gaslight everyone so he can sell a shitty memoir that will end up at a Dollar Tree book section. For all of Barr's "unsettled" feelings right after the 2020 election (if we believed him), he sure continued doing Trump's cruel bidding for a long time.

Barr went even further to show why no one should rehabilitate him and why the GOP is beyond salvation. Last time Barr was interviewed on NBC, Barr made this statement.

When Todd confronted him with this, Barr doubled down.

BARR: I think elections are a binary choice, and unfortunately sometimes it's choosing the lesser of two evils. I believe that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is dangerous for the United States.

TODD: You've said this quite a bit. It's an uncomfortable thing to hear from somebody who was needing to provide equal justice under the law as Attorney General, because you said it while you were Attorney General. You really think the Left in this country is somehow more dangerous than some issues around the world? I mean, you feel like...

BARR: No, I just said in terms of the leadership of the country, I think they would be a dangerous choice for the United States.

How do you govern in a "bipartisan" manner with a man who prefers authoritarianism over democracy? Barr is supposedly one of the "normal ones" in the GOP, yet has no problem admitting he wants to eliminate progressives/liberals from governing ever, even if an undemocratic demagogue gets elected.


We don't need "a big, strong Republican Party." We don't need any more fascist enabler "memoirs" from Bill Barr.

We don't need to give more free airtime/advertisement to opportunistic scumbags.

Have a week.

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