The Eight Best Times This Badass 'Teen Vogue' Chick Kicked Tucker Carlson In The Nads!

The entire interview basically.

Were we not just telling you how Teen Vogue is all woke and wonderful and the best now? A lot of people noticed after excellent writer Lauren Duca penned a piece for the magazine's website about how Donald Trump is gaslighting America with his lies and his abuse. Well, that story went viral, and of course, that is why Duca had to take time out of her holiday week to get bothered by creepy gay-puncher Tucker Carlson on the television. Shockingly, Tucker did not really understand her silly little lady article, because "OH COME ON!" or "I'm going to yell at your face and bully you, for the edification of my viewers, a lot of whom eat poop." Typical right wing teevee.

You do not want a transcript, which is good because we don't feel like making you one. Instead, these are the eight best things that happened in the interview, along with some of the best faces Duca made at Tucker Carlson's dumb head.

  1. Tucker Carlson tried to GOTCHA! Lauren Duca by quoting her tweet saying we shouldn't treat Ivanka Trump with kid gloves "because she looks like she smells like vanilla," asking her, "Who's objectifying women here?" So Duca laughed at him like this:

  2. Right after that, Tucker Carlson was like "I don't care how she smells!" and Duca just said, "OH HONEY."
  3. Tucker Carlson was very confused by Duca's tweet that Ivanka Trump has a "sinister complicity" in propping up the most anti-woman candidate ever, even if she is his own daughter. Duca said, "I am not backing down from that at all," and added that "It's sinister for a daughter to capitalize on the power of feminism and uniting women and empowering women, while supporting a candidate who is The Most Anti-Woman Candidate this country has seen in decades." Tucker's response? "WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?" We know, Tucker, things is confusing and hard.
  4. Then Tucker, being a stupid idiot, misinterpreted Duca's words to ask if she was saying Ivanka was "anti-woman." So Duca was all, "Is that what I said? Is that what I said? I think my earpiece might not be working, because that is most certainly not what I said." She pointed at her earpiece like this:
  5. This quote: "Tucker, you're not trying to agree with what I'm saying. You're shouting over me every time I speak. It's incredibly unprofessional. ... You're actually being a partisan hack." TRUE, ALWAYS, ABOUT TUCKER CARLSON. Duca made this face, also too:
  6. OK, let's talk about the gaslighting piece in Teen Vogue!

    DIPSHIT: You wrote this piece in Teen Vogue, which I guess you write for ...

    DUCA: Oh, which you GUESS I write for? Yes, that's not fake news, that's real news. You GUESS? Oh, you GUESS, Tucker, you GUESS? That's really patronizing.

    Tucker Carlson thought that was pretty funny, but Lauren Duca was OVER IT:

  7. Toward the end of the interview, where Duca explained gaslighting, and Tucker acted all man-fused and called her A Idiot, she was pretty cool during that part too, but it's just such a preview of the next four years of trying to push back against the Trump regime in right-wing media that it's not worth quoting. Watch it, though!
  8. UH OH, Tucker Carlson is a big wombat turd sexist, who thinks it's real funny that the lady who writes big political articles for Teen Vogue also writes things about Ariana Grande and Liam Payne, BECAUSE THAT IS HER JOB AT A MAGAZINE THAT APPEALS TO TEENAGE GIRLS, WHO ARE SMART ENOUGH TO BE INFORMED ON POLITICS TOO. Money quote: "A woman can love Ariana Grande and her thigh-high boots and still discuss politics. Those things are not mutually exclusive. Now that you bring up Teen Vogue, we treat young women like they don't have a right to a political conversation, and like you can't enjoy Kylie Jenner's Instagram and worry about the future of this country." NAIL. COFFIN. Bye, Tucker, bye!

Anywho, the entire interview is worth your time, Lauren Duca is cool, and Tucker Carlson, as always, needs to STFU.


Evan Hurst

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