The Google Desecrates Beloved U.S. Flag With Muslin Crescent Moon


That's odd. I clicked on the Google button on the AOL and it came up with a new picture. Why would they stick an American flag... OH NO. THEY DID IT SO THEY COULD STICK A CRESCENT MOON IN THERE. The Google has been taken over by Sharia law! AND ON VETERANS DAY! This is a conversation every American is having with himself on the Internet today. Isn't it just terrible how these Muslims are taking over every aspect of our lives? Go back to the terrorism, please. We liked it when you just did the terrorism. And Google: SHAME ON YOU. WE TRUSTED YOU WITH OUR WEIRD PORN FETISHES.

We stole this Twitter screengrab from Newell:

But while the new social media seems to get it, important wingnut institution WND didn't. They put up a story about the Google logo, but it was all about how Google usually doesn't honor America in its logo on certain days when every search engine is legally required to, according to laws and stuff about patriotism, and legalness. Hello, WND! Google did not honor America today! It Shariaed it! Pay attention while you're getting raped, idiots! [Gawker]


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