The GOP's Nazi Problem They're VERY MAD You're Talking About!

2018 State and Local Elections
The GOP's Nazi Problem They're VERY MAD You're Talking About!

Republicans get very mad whenever someone compares them to Nazis and white supremacists, but there's a lot of Republicans who are actual Nazis and white supremacists. And they're on the November ballot with an R next to their names.

Take Arthur Jones: He's an actual Illinois Nazi running against the "two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system." Jones ran unopposed to become the Republican nominee for the Illinois 3rd. Local Republicans had ample opportunities to pull any number of levers in the state political machine that could have derailed his candidacy, but they ultimately decided it wasn't worth the money.

Instead of keeping a homophobic Holocaust denier off the ticket, local Republicans were content to condemn Jones, and hope that nobody noticed him between now and November. But when Politico checked in on Jones after Republicans declined to challenge the signatures on his petition for candidacy, Jones responded by saying, "I snookered them. I played by the rules, what can I say?"

This prompted Sen. Ted Cruz, an authority on bigotry, to call Jones a "bigoted fool" and suggested people vote for the Democrat. The lesson here is to never forget your dog whistle.

Last week the North Carolina Republican Party pulled its support from Russell Walker, the Republican nominee for state House District 48 -- but only after the SPLC found Walker's website where he asks, "What is wrong with being a White Supremacist?"

You may remember Walker from last year. After suing to force a local court into putting Confederate flags up, Walker was so enraged by his loss that he blurted out a racial slur in reference to Martin Luther King Jr.

The state GOP reportedly asked Walker to step down, but he declined and won the Republican nomination, defeating his primary opponent with 824 votes. Walker's hometown newspapers, The Highlands Newspaper of Highlands, North Carolina, and the Raeford and Hoke County News-Journal, are no stranger to his anti-semitism and racism. After years of refusing to print "unapologetic misogynist and racist" letters, the News-Journal had to write an editorial explaining why there was a racist nut standing outside their office with a sign advocating white supremacy.

clipping via Highlands Newspaper

Since Trump hasn't made it great again, whenever anyone makes a passing reference to Republicans engaging in tactics pioneered by Nazis, an army of trolls in suits storm from the sewers to test the limits of Godwin's Law.

The GOP recently chastised Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray for saying that the Republicans had been scapegoating people "like Nazi Germany" during a campaign stop. Rather than take stock of Cordray's statement, they decided to whine.

Maybe don't run actual Nazis?

If the GOP really cared about not being seen as the party for Nazis and white supremacists, they wouldn't let Rep. Steve King get away with refusing to apologize for retweeting a Nazi sympathizer, or espousing white supremacist views on national television. They wouldn't have tiptoed around Trump's defense of the "alt-right" after Charlottesville, or allowed him to continue pushing birtherism or create literal internment camps for refugees. It's only when it's politically expedient that Republicans denounce one another for blowing their dog whistles too loudly. Instead of taking out the trash rotting inside their party, they're hoping that nobody notices it's overflowing with garbage.

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