The Hilarious Precautions Batman Returns Crew Took Against Christopher Walken! Tabs, Thurs., June 16, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

House January 6 Select Committee hearing today gon be LIT, join Liz at 10 a.m. she tells me 1 p.m. now! eastern for liveblog!

Good interview with historian Ruth Ben Ghiat on Trump's coup; particularly of note is that authoritarians have drunk idiots around them because they're threatened by people who are competent. — Insider

The first go-round wasn't easy on the Trump failspawn :( (Molly Jong-Fast at The Atlantic)

What her good family had to go through to help a Texas eighth-grader get an abortion. Cry cry cry. — New Yorker

Some good Texas high school girls have created a fundraiser for abortions for Texans, and they would like Wonkette readers to donate. Donate donate donate!

Crisis pregnancy centers are using Facebook to sell your crisis pregnancy data upside down smile emoji. (Reveal News) Liz Warren says CUT IT THE FUCK OUT. (Vice News)

Ten bucks says Joe Manchin will support Mitt Romney'sexpanded Child Tax Credit, because fuck you is why.

Related! Why did Joe Biden let these two companies collude to raise diaper prices more than double?! (Perfect Union)

It's not the NRA donations that are keeping Republicans from voting for anything resembling sanity on guns; it's the Christofascism. — Public Notice substack

And it's this lady. It's this lady and her Sandy Hook trutherism, right here. What an ugly, ugly woman, my god. (Slate)

The Lauren Boebert sexxxy sexxx story looking like some bullshit so far. — Daily Beast

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: An asshole, idiot? (LGBTQ Nation)

Looks like the Wisconsin Lege hired an "investigator" into the 2020 election and a judge is fining him $2000 a day for the tort of " being a real asshole"! (AP)

Montana's flooded to hell and back, and Gov. Gianforte's office won't say what country he's in. Bets: Russia, or Brazil? (MTPR)

Let's all listen to my favorite song again nine times in a row.

Christopher Walken what did you do now??? Spoiler: Listicle never answers its headline. Fucking listicle. (Scientific ... Mirror?)

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