The Latest End of America: No Urinals On Navy's New Gender-Neutral Carriers

The Latest End of America: No Urinals On Navy's New Gender-Neutral Carriers

The Navy has a new class of aircraft carriers coming out! The new versions still have runways for planes and still float on the sea and are still big old boats. Beyond that, however, these new ones are decidedly liberal aircraft carriers. For the first time, the bathrooms won't feature urinals. Women have served on combat ships since 1994 and, well, maybe at this point it would be easier to put in toilets that everyone can use in the new fleet's bathrooms, the deciders decided. Just aim a few degrees lower, boys, then hit flush, and it's not so bad. Just kidding, it's officially the end of America again.

If you didn't think this change was all that big a deal, then fuck you. It seems the military folks upset with this change are deeply unsure of their ability to lift a toilet seat and pee in a toilet without dousing the entire bathroom in urine. Via the Atlantic Wire:

"Navy is getting way too politically correct," wrote Steve Mcgaha in a thread on The Navy Times, an independent news source for sailors and their families. "Let's get back to projecting sea power ... and get rid of the NANNY NAVY." Others were worried about the logistical implications. "Great. As if there weren't enough pissed-on toilet seats on Aircraft Carriers," wrote Matt Metz on the same Navy Times thread. "I guess actual warfighting is pretty low on the list in today's big bucks, PC, diversity is our strength ... Navy," wrote Orville Seybert. In perhaps the most novel argument, Navy vet Timothy Ritchie argued that urinals aren't actually gender-specific. "In Europe all gender-neutral bathrooms have urinals. It is a matter of sanitation. And believe it or not even a female can use a properly placed urinal with a bit of practice."

The article on this has 900+ comments of people describing how they go to the bathroom.




...Well, have you finished reading them all yet?

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