The People Have Spoken, And Obama Does Not Love America

It's a good thing Republicans have been questioning President Obama's patriotism -- finally! -- because it turns out they're just saying what we've all been thinking: Obama probably doesn't love America.

A new Huffington Post/YouGov poll found that less than half -- 47 percent -- of our fellow USians believe the president loves this country. The rest are damned sure he doesn't or at least think it's in doubt. You will be shocked (no you won't, that's sarcasm) to learn this is a highly partisan question: 85 percent of Democrats believe yes he does, 69 percent of Republicans know for a fact he does not, and 113 percent of Fox viewers still can't find Hawaii on a map. (That wasn't actually part of the poll; we're just guessing.)

So it seems Rudy Giuliani had a fair point (yup, more sarcasm) when he said it was basically impossible to find any examples of the president saying "I heart 'Murika!" Except for all the times he said exactly that, but more eloquent like, because he has an elitist Ivy League education, which kind of proves he doesn't love America, since lack of a college degree is what America is really all about and the best qualification for the White House, at least according to the latest Republican talking points.

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Sen. Barbara Boxer spent Tuesday afternoon Twitter-burning Giuliani over Obama's love of country, like so:

But whatever, Babs, you're in the minority, and besides, everyone knows it was really George W. Bush who killed bin Laden anyway.

Then there's this neat finding:

The president is less patriotic than most people in public life, 39 percent responded, compared to 12 percent who called him more patriotic and 33 percent who deemed him as patriotic as others.

Apparently, Obama needs to be wearing more flag pins and ending all his speeches with "God bless America, times five" to really prove his patriotism.

While 70 percent of Americans think America is EXCEPTIONAL!!!, only 36 percent think the president thinks it's exceptional, but that's about what you'd expect from a guy who clearly doesn't even love America, right?

Is there any good news for the tiny minority of Americans who have not overdosed on the Fox News agenda? Mayor 9/11's "very" or "somewhat" favorable rating is 42 percent, so at least Americans aren't overwhelmingly in swoon with that walking piece of garbage. Oh, but wait. That's exactly the same number for President Obama too. And 58 percent of Americans think Giuliani loves America, unlike the hater in the White House, so never mind, everything is terrible, this is why we can't have nice things, thanks A LOT, conservatives, you must be very proud of yourselves for persuading the country that the guy who took on the thankless job of trying to fix the country Republicans broke doesn't even care about this EXCEPTIONAL!!! nation anyway.

Here, let's watch Sen. Boxer explain why Republicans suck:

So I say to my Republican friends. There's a presidential race coming. Forget this last one. Get over it. Okay? Let's work together. Listen, I served with five presidents. I'm a strong Democrat. Everyone will tell you that. But I respect the office of the presidency. If I didn't agree with Ronald Reagan, I came down here and said it. But we had the respect back and forth. If we lost, we lost. And we moved on. And that worked both ways. I know what it is not to like the policies of a president. I get it. But don't overdo it and make it so personal. Get on with it. Grow up. Do your job, you know? Do your job! Have respect for the office of the presidency. Don't suddenly say executive orders are bad when the president you don't like does it, but you don't say one word when a Republican president does the same thing!

Thanks, Senator. The minority of us who are not batshit crazy stupid needed that.



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