'Queen Of Canada' Telling Followers Not To Pay Their Bills Is Making An Old Cult New Again

Snake Oil And General Woo
'Queen Of Canada' Telling Followers Not To Pay Their Bills Is Making An Old Cult New Again

In the fall of last year, there were some rumors going around that former Trump national security advisor and current who-even-knows-what General Michael Flynn was perhaps a Satanist or secretly a member of a weird New Age cult, after video surfaced of him doing a strange prayer during a speaking engagement. This is because that prayer, to St. Michael, was extremely similar to one written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the leader of the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) cult that you may remember from when they were all hoarding guns and living in bunkers in Montana back in the 1980s.

As I pointed out at the time, this was highly unlikely and not just because Flynn is a practicing Catholic. The big tell was that he wears black and red all of the time. In CUT and other Ascended Masters groups, those colors are largely forbidden. It's all purple, white, gold and green.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there is another QAnon-adjacent person who does appear to be reviving the Violet Flame — Romana Didula, self-appointed Queen of Canada. Didula has been popping up in the news every so often these days, most recently because she issued a royal decree announcing that no one need pay their utility bills anymore, and a bunch of her followers got their heat and electricity turned off and now owe thousands of dollars to their utility companies.

In the Kingdom of Canada, In the US, and the whole world Public Utilities are free to We The People. It's always been free.Queen Romana telegram


The bill-payment claims are causing direct harm to her followers, with many saying in their group chat that they've racked up thousands of dollars of bills. Many of Didulo's followers are vulnerable people, including seniors on fixed incomes, who could face steep consequences for these decisions. A page created by Didulo which allows her followers to ask her questions is filled with questions about bill payments.

"Dear Queen Romana I received a 24-hour notice for the power bill. Should I make a payment? Or will it be shut off?" reads one.

"Queen Romana please What do I say to the City of Red Deer trying to shut off my water on Monday," reads another. Some said that when they reach out for help about the situation, they’re mocked for their beliefs.

You'll notice that her name on her Telegram channel is "Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana." Her followers have taken to calling themselves "I AMs." This is actually significant, and I will try to explain why as efficiently as possible.

The "Ascended Masters" thing largely originated with Madame Helena Blavatsky, who is largely considered kind of the godmother of Theosophy/New Age bullshit, in the 1800s. Blavatsky claimed to have come up with Theosophy, her system of belief, by channeling "Mahatmas" or "Masters of Ancient Wisdom." (From the beginning, New Age stuff was always highly appropriative of Eastern religions.) Another New Agey lady, Alice Bailey, also claimed to channel a Master, an imaginary Tibetan named Djwal Kul. The "masters" were basically people who had been reincarnated to perfection and then just hung out in the ether waiting to get channeled by con-artists. They were also sometimes called "The Great White Brotherhood," which is perhaps why theosophy was so popular among Nazis.

Then, by the 1930s, you get "beloved messengers" Guy and Edna Ballard, who found the "I AM" Activity. The "AM" stands for Ascended Masters, which were pretty much the same deal as Blavatsky's Mahatmas/Great White Brotherhood. Their personal favorite Ascended Master was St. Germain, who was kind of sort of the same person as the Comte de St. Germain but also possibly an alias adopted by Sir Francis Bacon after he faked his own death and "ascended" using alchemy.

This is my favorite photograph of all time. Their faces just kill me.

Guy Ballard supposedly met St. Germain on Mount Shasta in California, and was told that he was the reincarnation of George Washington, which seems very likely. For her part, Edna was Joan of Arc and Benjamin Franklin. This is not important, just hilarious.

A big part of the "I AM" Activity and subsequent groups like CUT and the Bridge To Freedom are "I AM" Decrees. Here is Elizabeth Clare Prophet of CUT doing one.


In Ascended Master groups, decrees are basically prayers, usually said very fast over and over again for HOURS in hopes of manifesting them into reality. This is different from Queen Romana's royal decrees, but who knows where she's going with this.

Romana also uses a number of terms heavily associated with Ascended Master and other New Age groups — light, flame, etc. In addition to calling her followers "I AMs," she also calls them "Light Holders," a term favored by Canadian "mystic" Manly P. Hall. Her signature color is a particular shade of purple that tends to be popular among Ascended Master groups. It's highly unlikely that all of this is a coincidence. You can see the same color in the Elizabeth Clare Prophet video above.

It's actually surprising that she's the first to do this. While we think of right-wing groups as being Christian and New Age stuff as being for hippie dippie liberals, the Ascended Master groups tend to be extremely far right and "anti-communist." The whole reason CUT was out there in Montana hoarding guns in bunkers was because they thought the communists were going to launch an attack, possibly a nuclear one. It's also just about as confusing and bizarre as the QAnonsense, and thus should appeal to the same people.

Basically, although she seems like a regular old kook who may not be all there, she's actually cobbling a bunch of New Age crap together to create a new cult of her own. The references she uses are some pretty deep cuts and it's unlikely she'd be familiar with them without having some kind of background in New Age bullshit.

There is a reason there are people out there are refusing to pay their utility bills for her, and it's because this is some tried and true brainwashing magic.

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