The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Why's Obama Letting Immigrant Terrorists Ebola Us To Death?

In the last seven days, the Sarah Palin Channel has published exactly nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds of content. Three minutes of that total is "Behind the Scenes" reels, one of which centers on Sarah going to a barn in North Carolina last year (it was Billy Graham's barn, and it was a very boring visit). That means Palin's team produced about six minutes of content in the last week, so yes, this is probably the laziest political grift we've ever covered in our short time as Yr Wonket. But by the same token, it is also the most ruthlessly efficient.

Today, we're going to focus on Palin's angry grandmother routine regarding Our Broken Borders, and thence, everything. We say everything because we believe that Palin's concern over Our Broken Borders is actually just a psychological manifestation of her fears of the diseased and unwashed Other. Listen to Palin's wide-ranging musings on immigration and tell us we are wrong, Wonketeers.

Immigration. According to a new Center for Immigration Studies report, 41 million immigrants, legal and illegal combined, now live in the United States, that's a big chunk of the population.

FYI, Palin is referring to a new paper published by the virulent nativists at the Center for Immigration Studies, which is still headed by MarkKrikorian, who remains a total dick. The CIS paper is based on the Census Bureau's 2013 American Community Survey, but CIS has added in fun facts like how many of these so-called "immigrants" are actually terrorists on account of how they come from "Predominantly Muslim Countries." Anyway, please, Governor Quitterface, do go on.

We all agree that America was built by immigrants, and hard-working legal immigrants, they're some of our most valued and valuable citizens. We also know, though, that we've had years of stagnant wages, and tens of millions of Americans face unemployment and underemployment. Millions are so discouraged that really they've just given up looking for work. Y'know what that does to a culture -- much less an economy?

Here's where we see Palin's efficiency on display. There is no superfluous movement as she pivots from "OMG SO MANY IMMIGRANTS" to "years of stagnant wages," to our decadent and declining culture. There's no attempt to explain how these numbers connect with each other, and certainly no attempt to provide a plausible explanation for how low-wage immigrants have driven down the incomes and work ethics of middle-wage workers with whom they don't compete. Yet somehow, all these economic dominoes have lined up to crush the American worker's last iota of moral fortitude. How? It's simple commonsense, and you'd know that if you weren't a Dumbocrat liberal.

Would you believe that Palin thinks Our Broken Borders present a tempting target to "radical jihadists?" It's true, and who knows, maybe they're gonna use Ebola as a weapon!

And open borders make no sense in a world where deadly diseases now, and terrorists can breach borders and cause immense harm. It's time -- no it's past time for the President to secure our borders.

This is Palin's American dream -- a place where anything is possible, including the weaponization of Ebola.  In Sarah Palin's American dream, the possibilities are limitless so long as you were born here and don't have a funny last name. And as regards the tired, poor, huddled masses, Sarah's not opposed to their yearning, necessarily -- she just wants to make sure all that breathing won't spread disease or convert anyone to Islam.

Here's the full video, in case you want to hate watch.

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