The Sarah Palin Internet Is Abuzz With Bristol's Teevee Show Stuff

Oh, look, there is Bristol Palin in her square-dancin' costume.Team Sarah is so happy for her! "Methinks she's brushing up on her dancing skills in preparation for an Inaugural Ball," says "Sharron," who is some sort of medieval witch. Meanwhile, Mercede Johnston FINALLY addresses this major Dancing with the Stars thing, and it's basically the best and most journalistic blog post ever.

Here are some more Team Sarah comments. From "Eileen Steller":

I stopped watching DWTS when I heard the host ,Tom Bergeron, saying unkind remarks about Sarah at the '08 Emmys. I wonder if he will be as smart mouthed when she is standing next to him? Please let us know when to start voting so we can put on an all out blitz for Bristol.

From "Susan-IN":

There was a time in my life when ballroom dancing helped me to get over a "jerky guy" who had betrayed me. When you are dancing -- concentrating on feet and arm movements, trying to keep pace with beat and tempo of music, and getting into the mood of the music -- it is impossible to think about your problems or responsibilities during that time! Today I am a ballroom dance instructor. Now I tell my students that an hour long ballroom dance lesson is like "taking a mini-vacation!" I hope Bristol thoroughly enjoys the experience! (Of course, competition in front of an audience can be very stressful, but I am sure that she inherited her mother's strength, determination, and courage!) GO, BRISTOL!

From "Thomas N. Hubbard":

I'm sure Bristol's a great Dancer, but do not Tango with her mother!

And from "Donna the teacher," who of course double-posted this:

Bristol is a pretty girl. I wish her the best. Looks like Mark will help her get over Levi. Laughter is good for the soul.Thanks for sharing the pics Adrienne. I will vote for Bristol on my cell phone, my home land line phone and my e-mail. I just need numbers and e-mail address in advance.Thanks

Over at Mercede's warblog, she does it for the fans:

Many of my readers keep asking what I think about Bristol being part of the cast on “Dancing with the Stars.” I at first hesitated to respond to that because I do not want my blog to be focused on Bristol Palin.

However, I noticed that the questions keep coming so I feel that I need to address them.

But this post actually makes a great point:

Once I found out that Bristol would be one of the cast members on “Dancing with the Stars” I was honestly somewhat shocked and a little disgusted. How can Levi and our family see Tripp while she is away in LA practicing her dance routines? That was my first concern. It has been months since I last saw my precious nephew and now it is clear that it will be many more months before I see him again.

Along with my constant concern for my nephew, what really bothered me, with all due respect to other teen mothers out there, is that I believe this is sending the WRONG message to other teens.

They’re going to look at this as, Bristol Palin got pregnant as a teen, and now she is famous! They will see her being offered multiple opportunities, being cast on a sitcom, joining the cast of “Dancing with the Stars”, all while making hundreds of thousands of dollars. For many teens it will appear that the road to success is through unprotected sex.

I really hope that the media will realize that this kind of thing is sending the message to other young teens that this is glamorous and a way to get a lot of attention.

Wow, profound, Levi's meth-head mom's daughter. What's more, Mercede has done some JOURNALISM about this in her town:

Since Bristol became pregnant, and made headlines world wide, teen pregnancy in Wasilla has sky rocketed!

Everywhere I look I see somebody who is expecting a new baby. If you go into a public restroom there is writing on the walls saying:

“Is it bad that I’m 15 and want a baby soooo bad?”

“I would give anything to have a baby!”

“I want to be a mommy at 14!”

Of course:

After I read those messages on the restroom wall, I actually took a picture of them with my cell phone because I was so completely shocked by how many young girls are writing them. It seems that it is becoming a trend!

I showed my dad the pictures, and at first he was wondering why in the world I took a picture of the bathroom wall

Haha. Pics or it didn't happen! Oh wait, she does have pics.

Perfect. [Team Sarah / Mercede Johnston]


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